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This read should only be done if you have read the previous article on XMRIG, due to the fact that it uses the same library files.


The first thing that you will need to do is to download SRBMINER software. You will need to go to the main site here: https://www.srbminer.com/


Then go to the download page. I personally have had better results using the previous version here: SRBMiner-MULTI CPU & AMD GPU Miner 0.6.9 Win64 & Linux


This is up to you to decide. Different computers are very temperamental on which version, just as they are on which algorithm works best on them. In either case download the version you want and unzip the files in your main directory, usually under your user name.


To be clear, the version I use works on the following Algorithms:




[0.85%] balloon_zentoshi

[0.85%] circcash

[0.85%] cpupower

[0.85%] curvehash

[0.85%] minotaur

[0.85%] panthera

[0.85%] randomarq

[0.85%] randomepic

[0.85%] randomhash2

[0.85%] randomkeva

[0.85%] randomsfx

[0.85%] randomwow

[0.85%] randomx

[0.00%] randomxl

[1.25%] rx2

[0.85%] scryptn2

[0.85%] yescryptr16

[0.85%] yescryptr32

[0.85%] yescryptr8

[0.85%] yespower

[0.85%] yespower2b

[0.85%] yespoweric

[0.85%] yespoweriots

[0.00%] yespoweritc

[0.85%] yespowerlitb

[0.85%] yespowerltncg

[0.85%] yespowerr16

[0.85%] yespowerres

[0.85%] yespowersugar

[0.85%] yespowertide

[0.00%] yespowerurx




[0.85%] argon2d_dynamic

[0.85%] argon2id_chukwa

[0.85%] argon2id_chukwa2

[0.85%] argon2id_ninja

[2.00%] autolykos2

[0.85%] bl2bsha3

[0.00%] blake2b

[0.00%] blake2s

[0.85%] cryptonight_cache

[0.85%] cryptonight_ccx

[0.85%] cryptonight_gpu

[0.85%] cryptonight_heavyx

[0.00%] cryptonight_talleo

[0.85%] cryptonight_upx

[0.85%] cryptonight_xhv

[0.85%] eaglesong

[0.65%] etchash

[0.65%] ethash

[0.85%] k12

[0.85%] kadena

[0.00%] keccak

[0.85%] phi5

[0.65%] ubqhash

[1.25%] verthash

[0.85%] verushash

[0.85%] yescrypt


Now that you have the SRBMiner extracted in the main user name, open up a terminal and type:


cd SRBMiner.


Once you see the command prompt in that directory then type:




this will open up the guided setup screen. Let us just assume you are using cpupower to mine bitcoin on zpool


The screen will ask for configuration file..just type in btc then hit enter


the next screen will ask if you want to use multi algorithm, just type n (for NO)

then a list of algorithms will be listed, as for this example we are using CPU POWER algo to mine bitcoin on zpool, so we will type


cpupower then hit enter


the next will ask for the pool address and port

type in the ZPOOL adress and port for cpupower

after you hit enter it will ask for your bitcoin address, just type or paste your bitcoin address and hit enter


For the password you will have to enter

c=BTC (meaning coin=Bitcoin)


After this step it will ask for logging I usually hit n and enter then when you get to the command prompt again all you will have to type is:




then the miner will run.




CPUMINER software is a little different in starting, but basically the same in getting it to go.


I will cover more on the Multi algo pools and how to determine the best assisting miners in the next article

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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