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Artists have been underrated from main stream Hollywood for decades. The idiot boards want their thoughts and their agendas to reflect in the movies and on television no matter what the audience thinks. This is the classic mistake of these uneducated half wits, because the audience is the master of the screen and decide what they like not the executives.


Now the Artists can take their true place cutting out the middleman once and for all. Using cryptocurrency on the platform they choose will finally allow creativity and free thought to once again come to the forefront.


There are several platforms for painters, musicians, and you can even find one for film. The best thing is now there is an opportunity for the creative talent to be what they were meant to be the true inspiration of their work instead of some knucklehead that truly know nothing about the art.


Now is the time for artists and creators to embrace this innovation and become the true masters of their own potential. The world should be more respectful of those creative individuals instead of forcing their creativity to take a back seat. The choice is yours and yours alone


Here are some links with some ideas



This is just an example. Remember your own creativity of what you want will be the driving force for your own innovation. Don’t you think it is about time your creativity should take center stage instead of the middlemen disrupting it?

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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