Episode 1 - What Do I know About Crypto Gaming

First, let me explain my understanding of crypto-gaming. I know of 4 different crypto games right now.

  • Alien Worlds: which I unsuccessfully attempted to play recently based on another blog post on Publish0x.
  • Splinterlands: which I have created an account but basically still haven't really figured out how to participate in the game in any meaningful way. Splinterlands seems to be a turn-based card game similar to Magic the Gathering. I'm not really interested in games of that nature, so I probably won't be learning much more about Spliterlands, to be honest.
  • Town Star: Located on the Gala Games website, and using the Gala token, I have no idea about the details of the game, or how to play it. I was able to access a map of the earth with various little squares as plots of land to select, but I couldn't choose a plot. This is the first game I was able to actually start running and appeared somewhat interesting. More to come here.
  • Mirandus: Also located on the Gala Games website, this is the most interesting game to me. The way the developers describe the game mechanics sort of reminds me of Runescape but with cryptocurrency. You can journey out into the wilderness and fight monsters. You can stay in the cities and craft items. I fondly remember the days of early Runescape, maybe around 2004 when I had just discovered online gaming. It was the first MMORPG that I ever played and I played that game during any spare time I had, built up my character, did all of the quests, joined a guild. Those were the days. Anyway, I'm extremely excited to learn more about this game.



So, these are the 4 games I'm aware of at the moment. I haven't played any of them in any meaningful way. I have not been able to launch Alien Worlds. Splinterlands is not my style. I launched Town Star but don't know how to play. Mirandus is currently in development, and I will be keeping a very close eye on it.

My next episode will attempt to explain the various crypto tokens that are needed and used for these games. From my basic knowledge as of today, I currently am aware of 3 key tokens in this space: GALA, WAX, and BAT. I'll try to explain these three, and also discuss if other tokens are related to crypto gaming.

Until next time, happy crypto gaming to all of you.


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I like to paint, skate, and dabble in crypto investing.

My Crypto Gaming Journey
My Crypto Gaming Journey

In a series of posts, I will explain in as much detail as I can my crypto gaming journey. This will include various crypto games I attempt to "play" and detailed instructions on how to play them. Since my experience so far has been that it's quite complicated to even start "playing" these games, I will try my best to outline each step I take, including my failures and successes.

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