Senior Citizens’ exciting month in India with them out to get their Covid-19 vaccine jabs
Senior Citizens’ exciting month in India with them out to get their Covid-19 vaccine jabs

Senior Citizens’ exciting month in India with them out to get their Covid-19 vaccine jabs

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Vaccine immunisation is on for senior folks here in India, and already most of my Dad’s relations and friends, (some of them who are very senior Citizens) have taken their jab. All of them till now reported no adverse side effects. Although those who were administered with AstraZeneca derived vaccine Covidshield reported side effects of mild fever and pain at the spot where they got the shot of the vaccine. So, now there is societal pressure on Dad to take his vaccine shot with everyone enquiring about when he would take his vaccine jab.

Dad already has the antibodies to fight off Covid-19

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My Dad felt that he does not require any vaccine jab against Covid-19, as he already has the required antibodies to fight off that virus, as he is a Covid-19 warrior. That’s right, he successfully recovered from Covid-19 in September last year and must say is absolutely alright now.

There is no established reliable data on how much and how long the vaccine can protect one from getting Covid-19. It’s true that efficacy data is there, but it’s based on trials on much limited numbers, plus on a very short time frame. Certainly, the antibodies that he got by fighting off Covid-19 naturally, will last long and would be more efficient in preventing him from getting Covid-19 again.

 Two vaccines were authorised for inoculation in India

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I too have played a role in demotivating Dad in going out to get his vaccine shot. This was because in India, the two vaccines that were given authorization for “emergency use”, did not seem trustworthy to me.
Covaxin, was a vaccine that was approved for use in ‘clinical trial mode’ even though it had not completed its phase 3 trials that would establish some efficacy data on it.

CovidSheild was another vaccine, which is derived from the AstraZeneca vaccine, so it has data on its effectiveness from AstraZeneca’s global trial experiments, although there are a lot of controversies on both these vaccines.


 There was uncertainty about Covaxin vaccine but not Covidshield

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Medical experts, and everyone were not supportive of Covaxin getting approval for use without supporting data from its phase 3 trials, although they kept emphasizing that CovidShield is a safe and good vaccine, so people should not be hesitant to receive their CovidShield jab.

However, people were not offered any choice on selecting the vaccine they can get inoculated with.

So, well, I found no reason why Dad should get vaccinated in this scenario, when he surely has built up natural immunity against Covid-19 which is something we can be sure of.


 Some developments assuring that Covaxin is a reliable vaccine emerged

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Then this month new developments took place with news that important political heads of India, foremost among whom is the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi himself, getting a shot of the Covaxin vaccine. This was followed by announcement from the company behind Covaxin, Bharat Biotech, that said that preliminary analysis from its phase 3 trials show that Covaxin vaccine is 81% effective in safeguarding people from getting infected with Covid-19.


Dad was propelled into this vaccine jab buzz and egged on to join the party!!


Although still one is awaiting results from further analysis, plus release of a publication in public disclosing all the trial experiment details, we basically got warmed up to the prospect of receiving this Covaxin jab.

Then many of the senior people we know have taken their vaccine and created a buzz!! Therefore well I too stopped discouraging my Dad from going ahead and taking his esteemed vaccine jab. Afterall, why should he be denied his bragging rights on this happening jab buzz?


However quite soon I read a news report on AstraZeneca which again got me discouraging my Dad from getting his jab.


 AstraZeneca in news, with Denmark and Austria evaluating if this vaccine can cause blood clots

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This news report was of AstraZeneca getting temporarily suspended in Denmark, Austria and other places in Europe, because there were few cases of people inoculated with the AstraZenica vaccine developing severe blood clots. The affected cases are few, with only 22 people out of 30 lakh people inoculated in the region reporting severe blood clots.

Still, it’s clearly mentioned that a 49 year old nurse in Austria died due to “severe blood coagulation problems” after receiving a jab of AstraZeneca and another individual was admitted in the hospital for developing blood clots post receiving a jab of the AstraZeneca. I know scary news right? and CovidShield is Indian version of the AstraZeneca vaccine, so I again began suggesting to my Dad to not take any vaccine unnecessarily.

However, there is no confirmation that those blood clots developed because of the AstraZeneca jab, it’s under investigation but the medical authorities of many European countries(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxemburg, Norway, Icelands) besides Denmark and Austria have concerns over the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Slight societal pressure for my Dad to take his vaccine jab

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However, there is some societal pressure for Dad to take his vaccine with one of his friends forwarding us this message which comes from a doctor to assure us that taking the vaccine is the right thing to do -

 “Regarding vaccine,
The best simile I could think of is of a seat belt or
an airbag in our cars.

 Does it afford good protection - Yes .
Just like vaccine.

 Does it protect you hundred percent? -
Just like vaccine.

 Does it prevent you from getting an accident?
No -
just like vaccine.

 If at all we get into an accident does it reduce severity? -
Yes .
Just like vaccine.

 Does it mean you can be reckless and fast?
No -
just like vaccine,
it does not mean that masks can be avoided.

 Does a seat belt mean you won't injure others on road?
No -
just like vaccine -
you can still infect others.

 When I wear
a seatbelt do
I think of the company making money?
just like vaccine.

 Am I happy that someone invented seatbelt?
Oh Yes -
just like vaccine.

 Does seatbelt itself cause problems?
seatbelt injuries are possible.
Just like vaccines can have side effects.

 Should we still wear a seatbelt?
Yes, yes, yes.
Just like a vaccine.

 I would surely get a vaccine.
Just like a seatbelt, Vaccine doesn't mean you can be careless and stupid,
it just gives you some amount of protection.
And I am willing to take the risk of minor side effects for the 70% chance of that protection.”

--------------- A Humble Indian Citizen

 Well...anyway my Dad is ok with taking the vaccine jab

Ok, nicely explained but my concern is not on my Dad suffering mild side effects of the vaccine, but on being unfortunate enough to experience adverse side effects of the vaccine. Anyway, my Dad is going to go ahead and get inoculated next week, because none of those many people we know who got vaccinated suffered serious problems post vaccination, and my discouragement is not an influence on his ultimate decision.

I am sure it’s alright for him to get inoculated, because his body managed to beat the Covid-19 virus only and these vaccinations are not as strong in effect as the Covid-19 virus as they are either inactive virus, or a protein of a similar virus stain or something of that nature.

Well, it’s one whole year since Covid-19 was recognized in the World, and life goes on.

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