Part 3 of my Melukote journey exploring the ultimate grand high spot of Dhanushkoti!!
Part 3 of my Melukote journey exploring the ultimate grand high spot of Dhanushkoti!!

Part 3 of my Melukote journey exploring the ultimate grand high spot of Dhanushkoti!!

travel, photography, india, nature, lifestyle, outdoors, story, writtingPhoto Snap taken by me. End Point of Danushkoti Road leads to a stairway to the grant Danushkoti point.


Mini summary of my earlier parts of the Melukote journey experience (Part 1 and Part 2)


Moving on detailing my Melukote trip experience. My previous articles talked about some of MeluKote’s sightseeing wonders - Roya Gopura and Melukote’s nature enriched, secluded and kind of wild Rock Garden path

travel, photography, india, nature, lifestyle, outdoors, story, writtingImage Source. Roya Gopura in Melukote detailed in my earlier article 


travel, photography, india, nature, lifestyle, outdoors, story, writting

Image Source. Natural surroundings around Rock Garden in Melkote detailed in my earlier article here

This article will have me venture further more into the Rock Garden path that’s known as Dhanushkoti Road, which will lead to a top of the hill kind of nature’s picnic spot known as  Dhanushkoti.

travel, photography, india, nature, lifestyle, outdoors, story, writting

 Photo Snap taken by me. Scenic paradise in the Danushkoti Road, with the stairway leading to Danushkoti Garden and then the Danushkoti spot.


An Appetizing start to a enjoyable time at Melukote  with the Stomach happy food at Subbana Mess

food, lifestyle, travel, india, subbana messImage Source. Delightful feast at Melukote’s Subbana Mess




The walking journey on Danushkoti Road with natural chilling spots at Rock Garden


nature, greenery, travel, outdoors, lifestyle, india, melukote, danushkoti

Image source. The mild forestry atmosphere surrounding the path of the Danushkoti Road


Walking the journey on Dhanushkoti Road will be a wild, Nature rich experience. A kind of wild experience if you walk solo all by yourself there because it is mostly secluded. There are several interesting and fascinating aspects to the terrain with greenery, happy birds, interesting natural structures on the way with a pick limestone arch welcoming visitors to the Rock Garden spot. There are plenty of seating spots to sit and chill, absorbing the mild forest atmosphere. 

Check out my previous article that details the Rock Garden terrain and the atmosphere about the place here.


A unique solitary vibe around the Danushkoti Road path at Dusk


nature, greenery, travel, outdoors, lifestyle, india, melukote, danushkotiImage Source. Solitary vibes about the Danushkoti Road path especially when it’s nearing dusk 


Moving ahead from this point will progress your way to Dhanushkoti. This road feels wildish too as evening approaches, because as I walked out of this road when it was close to 6 pm in the evenings, the insect noises that are common in the night in some well vegetated places came amplified.

There came about an eerie and dim tone to the path’s atmosphere as the orange sun disappeared.  Yet the walk was a thrilling experience and I spotted a peacock on the solitary path somewhere faraway. 


Open stone pillared enclosure approaches way ahead as a neat outdoor chilling point!!


 Going forward towards Danushkoti on the Danushkoti road, another charming structure comes with a stone pillared enclosure about enroute.


nature, outdoors, travel, india, melukote

Image SourceStone Pillared enclosure enroute to Danushkoti on the Danushkoti Road 


Nice enclosure to hang about fitting the wide open feeling of being about amidst Nature and blending with it.


Ever pleasant end point of Danushkoti Road that’s cheerfully scenic with the aura of Nature’s elegant beauty


As the end point of the Danushkoti Road approaches, the terrain atmosphere turns very cheerful and pleasant. The final reward for walking the entire solitary Danushkoti Road path unfolds…

travel, photography, india, nature, lifestylePhoto taken by me. The End of Danushkoti Road is wrapped by Nature’s paradise 


The stairway to Danushkoti that’s surrounded by Nature’s Paradise

The gateway to Danushkoti shows, with a rocky stairway taking one into this  mildly heavenly spot. It looks like a pleasant, cheerful hilly terrain. Again there is a natural simple and elegant design about the whole place, with pink railings and natural rock steps going uphill which is the stairway to Danushkoti.

There is a pink hut roofed enclosure to picnic in the spot below where one can behold the embrace of the natural surroundings of the place, with the terrain’s trees and rocks around.



From the Danushkoti Top Garden to the Danishkoti spot, up a flight of winding stairs


nature, outdoors, travel, lifestyle, indiaMy Photo Snap. Going up to the Danushkoti Spot from the Danushkoti High garden


The high spot up is a hilly kind of paradise with nice spots to chill about, as one wanders around the terrain of rocks, green shades of grass and other greenery.

nature, travel, hill, greenery, outdoorsImage Source. This is the high garden just below the Danushkoti spot


Scenic views from this high point are great but the ultimate spot that one should checkout here is the Danushkoti spot. A winding stairway from one point here reaches the Danushkoti spot.

india, travel, outdoors, nature, lifestyleImage Source. The grand top point of Danushkoti finally!!


 The Grand spot of Danushkoti reached!! - The quest of the long walk gets nicely rewarded!!

It’s a rocky space with a hole from where water flows out. According to legend, Lord Rama came here and hit the rock spot with his Danush(bow and arrow), making an opening on the rock from where water flowed.

Of course to an extent one feels that one is at the top of the World here, as Danushkoti spot is at the top height, from a top point as we enter the spot climbing up a winding staircase. Just lovely. 

Now, this reminds me of an old Carpenters song, it’s called Top of the World and let me play that for you… it’s basically a love song, still has good lyrics…


It was time to leave the spot as another person arrived in the space 

nature, outdoors, travel, lifestyle, indiaImage Source. My Top of the World feeling lying down in the Danushkoti Garden

Till now, I was feeling Top of the World, looking down on creation as my soul was very happy with all the sweet vibes of Nature - the trees, greenery, the Natural views.  I was filled with a spectacular feeling but then my State of being was woken up by the arrival of a person, the first human fellow I encountered in my long walk into the Daushkoti Road till here.


He just enquired about the Danushkoti spot and went off to climb up the winding stairs to check the grand spot. He seemed glad to see someone when I was not, so I started my long journey back out of Danushkoti, again walking this long path of the Danushkoti road to Melukote.


Back on to the Danushkoti Road path to walk back to Melukote Town



I have not seen many people on the path but I did see some cars and scooters pass the  Danushkoti Road path. The good thing is there is enough space for one to find a spot to be by oneself, however, I was frightened to see some other person, because it’s a secluded spot.

 On my way back I relaxed in the hut enclosure I talked about earlier at  the end of Danushkoti road that has the stairway to Danushkoti Garden that houses the Danushkoti spot.

outdoors, nature, travel, photography, india, melukoteMy photo snap. Hanging inside the hut enclosure at ground level - End of Danushkoti Road

travel, photography, india, nature, lifestyle, outdoors, story, writtingMy photo snap. Enjoying the surrounding scenic atmosphere from  the hut enclosure.


Another personal encounter with someone on the lonely Danushkoti Road 


 Then I encountered another male human being on the Danushkoti Road, while I was relaxing inside the pillared stone enclosure I talked about earlier. He was enthusiastically asking me if I came to Melukote for some photography.

 So, after a while I left the spot. After this I did not encounter anyone. In hindsight, maybe I need not have been so disinclined towards these people who greeted me on the way, but as a female solo traveller here, I was disinclined to befriend anyone.

I made it a point not to be around the path after 6pm, so I was being as careful as I could. 

Yet, I enjoyed my walks alone, and would do it again if I can(: . 


Final thoughts on the Danushkoti Road journey experience


Anyway...that’s the end of my Danushkoti - Rock Garden journey. This was my favorite part of being in Melukote. Here, I understood what it feels to be in the wilderness and experiencing the luxury of solitude(: … Priceless experience that I very much needed. I did not feel lonely, I felt whole, complete and balanced.

Somehow, travel always rejuvenates and reinvigorates the bored and tired soul of us.

Thank you for reading my article. Have a great day and week ahead!!

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