Covid-19 survivor gets a new lease of life after a successful lung transplantation surgery
Covid-19 survivor gets a new lease of life after a successful lung transplantation surgery

Covid-19 survivor gets a new lease of life after a successful lung transplantation surgery


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Showcasing the good happening in this world to realise that good exists in this world we live in


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There have been many unfortunate deaths this Covid-19 period, however, there have been people who have been fortunate enough to get help and the right treatment to recover from Covid-19. Here is one such news story which got my eyes drenched, it’s touching because in a world where so many horrible unfortunate things happen, so much evil is prevalent, there are good tidings as well.

Also, we cannot forget that many good people have faced and undergone horrible tragedies that they certainly don’t deserve, my sympathies and prayers are with these people and their dear ones.

Covid-19 completely damaged the lungs of a 31 year old Covid-19 recovered patient

A 31-year old man who got Covid-19 in March of this year, still could not have his health fully restored all this while because his lungs were damaged with Covid lung fibrosis that was not healing despite a long post-covid recovery period. This poor guy, who I understand was a labourer doing physical work involving breaking bricks , already had a weak lung function and breathing problems because he was suffering from lung silicosis, where his lungs were impaired due to breathing in unhealthy quantities of silicon dust particles. Covid-19 further worsened the lungs of this patient.

Lung Transplant essential for the Covid-19 recovered patients if lung damage is severe

After recovering from Covid-19, the patient’s oxygen requirements were met through BIPAP support which supplied oxygen with the patient’s oxygen requirements per minute ranging from nil to 15 litres.

Post-Covid 19 recovery involves recovering from Covid-19 caused damage to lungs, but Covid-19 fibrosis can cause severe damage to lungs and impair it so much that a lung transplant may be required, if the patient’s lungs are not able to get restored to do its normal functions.

Successful lung transplantation on this Covid-19 cured patient with severe lung damage


lung transplantation operationImage Source

Eventually, this patient successfully underwent a lung transplantation procedure at Delhi’s Max Super Speciality hospital where a team of 15 doctors under the leadership of Rahul Chandola, a lung and heart transplant specialist conducted the operation. The medical team worked throughout the night, with the operation lasting for a period of 10 hours.

 The Journey of the donor’s lungs that was successfully transplanted

The donor of the above mentioned transplanted lungs is a 49 year old woman, who was declared brain dead after suffering fatal head injuries in a road accident. After her family consented for her lungs to be donated to someone who requires it, arrangements were made for the safe transportation of her lungs. These lungs had to be transported safely and quickly from the private hospital in Jaipur where the donor was admitted to Max Super Speciality hospital, Delhi where the patient requiring the lung transplant was to be operated.

 Need for these harvested lungs to be available for transplantation on time and undamaged

Lungs can stay functional outside the body for a period of 8 hours only, it’s a very fragile organ as well, therefore special care had to be taken when it was being transported swiftly so that the organs don’t get damaged.

For quick transit of these lungs, a green signal free corridor was created, first between the Jaipur hospital where the donor’s lungs were stored to be taken to the Jaipur airport, then another green signal free corridor was created to take the lungs from the Delhi airport to the Max Super Speciality hospital in Delhi. Air India had flown these harvested lungs from Jaipur airport to Delhi airport. The lungs were
able to reach Max Super Speciality hospital that was 18.3km from the Delhi airport in 18 minutes, with the precious organ probably driven by the ambulance to its destination.

 This whole operation comprised of critical tasks to be completed perfectly

Take a deep breath, and rewind back to picture how much had to be done perfectly, for this critical procedure to be successful, transportation of those harvested lungs from Jaipur was also a critical process that had to be done without hiccups.

A lot of good done by this lung organ donor and her family

Now let’s switch on our hearts for a minute - although it’s great news for this 31 year old patient and his near and dear ones that he underwent a successful lung transplantation so he can breath on his own, it’s unfortunate that the lung’s original owner had got that accident and become brain dead. It would have been a very difficult decision for her family to agree to donate her organs.

Now, let’s wipe the tears, life is uncertain and it can’t be helped, that’s why they say we should be grateful for whatever help we receive in our difficult times, making us lucky that certain forces in various manifestations saved us from a tragic, unfortunate outcome.

 No one is immortal so when our time’s up, let’s gift life to another through donating our organs

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Ending this by saying, it’s always good to pledge one’s organs for donation - eyes, heart, lungs etc, because if we are unfortunately gone someday, at least our organs won’t be wasted, they would be transplanted to give life to another struggling to live.
No one is immortal, but post life a part of one can exist in someone else required that organ to live comfortably.



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