A chance to attend a wedding in this Covid-19 Era!!
My chance to attend a wedding in this Covid-19 Era and my best wishes card prepared for the couple.

A chance to attend a wedding in this Covid-19 Era!!


couple, wedding, love, relationship
Invited to grace a marriage ceremony in these times of Covid-19

Covid19 be there or not, life has to go on. Since the pandemic began, I have seen notifications of 1 or 2 of my facebook acquaintances get engaged who must have possibly got married by now. Now, I had a nice person invite us for her marriage and the question came about, whether to attend her function or not. Heart of heart, I want to at least briefly be there because later perhaps I won’t see her much again, with her moving in with her husband and busy into her new life.

 Wedding Best Wishes Greeting Card for the Couple

So, yesterday I weaved some words of good wishes for the couple, in the intention of presenting them with my best wishes card and here it is…

wedding card, marriage, love, relationship, togetherness


“Wedding bells ring and let them echo bringing two together,
doors open for you both to sail new paths in life,
to Behold little wonders under the sun, stars and moon.
May Merriment stir your times together ahead.

Tough paths and experiences, maybe there to conquer,
weariness may at times jut in,
but thy hearts and souls soaked with love, is now going to be there for the other to embrace, to be each other’s source of solace and comfort.

Many wishes for fair times ahead in thy both’s new chapter of togetherness. Let the glow of love and trust stay intact for ever, as you both set to sail on, navigating your own course of life.”

This is the best I could compose for now, words fixed in the background using canva.com platform.

 New experience to attend a marriage conducted in the Covid-19 Era

Covid-19 has been under control in my CIty for so long, but now, it’s spreading but even then I may just make a visit and convey my regards and best wishes to the couple. Also, it will be exciting to go to a wedding in the COvid-19 era, as it would be interesting to see how people conduct these functions in a safe fashion.

 Earlier there were greeting cards to gift attached with some cool BTC!!

However, I do wish I can tip these guys some Bitcoin(: , I have read earlier that there was a small business entity in the US which specialised in making greeting cards with some BTC that can be gifed through that card, but that business closed down due to harsh crypto regulations in the country. Anyway, must search that story, sounds so charming, gifting people BTC through greeting cards(:

 Major step to get bound together with ties of marriage

couple, wedding, love, relationship, togetherness


Anyway, I digress. I assume that when people marry they are undertaking a major step. They might have had their uncertainties to take that step initially, but all that faded away as their heart finally got convinced that one found a suitable enough life partner. I assume, the two involved trust the other and have confidence in the other to accept them as their closest life companion worth sharing themselves with.

A Personal journey of evolution there in marriage

Ofcourse, marriage would be a personal journey by itself, where the two evolve, learn and grow beyond what they were when single, that must be beautiful. In that note, I wish the couple beautiful times ahead in their alliance journey.

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