My C.J. ep 28 How to setup Fantom opera and its tokens


Hello publish0x users,

As I said in my previous article that I will tell you where to put $STA so let's start!

After the introduction of the token $STA in publish0x tipping that replaced the token FARM, and after winning in the twitter competition, I had almost 2.43 dollars in $STA so I was able to withdraw since I passed the 0.5 dollars in value as a minimum to withdraw, I decided to withdraw but to where?? 

At this point, I didn't have a $STA adress yet, so I wanted to see which wallet supports $STA. I red that publish0x suggest Metamask, so I went to my  Metamask searched for $STA but I didn't find, of course, because in my Metamask there is the Ethereum mainnet. 

I searched my other wallets, but also I couldn't find this token. 

I continue to read to know to which address I should withdraw $STA, and I red that this token is on the fantom opera network so I needed to add that network to my Metamask. 

How to do that! 

After a small research, I found some articles and information, I applied the steps and so the fantom opera network was added. 

Here are the steps:

1- Go to your Metamask. 

2- Where there is written Ethereum Mainnet, click it and click add Network. 

3- Add Fantom Opera with these information. 


Now your Fatom Opera network is set up. 

The next step will be to add the tokens you like FTM, $STA and $WSTA and others if you like. 

Note that FTM is the coin to pay the gas fees of the fantom opera network and that publish0x also rewarded us some of them as a start because we needed to pay for the gas fees if we need to do a certain action with our statera, like to withdraw, swap, move etc.. 

You can find the information for these tokens on to add them in your Metamask then take the address and put it in publish0x so you can withdraw your tokens to it. 

Here is the address of Statera token on and the information to add it in Metamask.


After setting up our desired tokens on the Fantom Opera network, we take their addresses and put them in publish0x to receive our tokens. 

After few days of the withdrawal, I received my statera and fantom amounts in my Metamask and tada we are on the fantom opera network.

Let the collecting begins and let's see what can we do with these tokens. 


Thanks for reading ❤️


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