My Challenging Journey ep. 3 - Crypto for liberation?

My Challenging Journey ep. 3 - Crypto for liberation?

Before continuing to write about my practical experience in the crypto world, this time I need to briefly introduce my country, its people's spirit, why changes are necessary and why one of them can be crypto adoption.

Obviously if you are curious to understand better a not so easy country, you can ask me every question you want and I'll do my best to answer.


Shouf area


Lebanon is a wonderful country filled with a rich history, from roman archeology to ottoman civilization impact and a lot more.
You would love to visit, I'm sure.

We are the trilingual country, it shows in the simple salute phrase "Hi kifak ça va?" which means hello how are you, all is fine? in three languages, english, arabic and french.
So you definitely won't find a difficulty wandering in Lebanon, communication is easy and people are very hospitable.
And as I mentioned in my first post that the jokes are plenty and about everything good or bad going on.
We are joyful people, full of life and energy, full of love for our country and each other, despite the hate politicians put in us towards each other since the country is filled with different parties and sects, which the politicians find as a greasy subject for separation in order to rule always.

The Lebanese people are in general educated, very smart, to be proud of whenever they are since a lot left the country to escape the bad situation.

Unfortunately, as in many countries, we are facing a lot of troubles because of bad politics and corruption which led us to the dead zone.

Can you imagine a country without electricity 24/7?
Even in the poorer countries it exists 24/7, here it would be a privilege we don't own.
We don't have a respectful public transportation, no trains, no metro... etc
All are part of the corruption.

We have a powerful banking system which controls our lives and recently in a very hideous way. Putting chains around our necks, forbidden us from living our previous "normal" life or what we considered life.

So, breaking up with that system will do us a lot of good, but it won't be easy at all.
A person should always fight to reach freedom, it's our battle and hopefully we will be free.

This is why when I heard about global crypto currency I thought it's an important and powerful tool people could use for starting a deep changement. In my opinion it's a chance we should try, maybe it's not the only solution but starting to embrace it would shake the society. At least, I enjoy the idea of an international community to spread knowledge and let people always get their rights in life.

Thanks again for reading ❤️


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The Lebanese Girl
The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️

My Challenging Journey
My Challenging Journey

My challenging journey in a crypto's world from Lebanon

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