So here starts my challenging journey...
The Lebanese Flag and a victory signal

So here starts my challenging journey...

I'm a girl from Lebanon, like many in a country that is going through a difficult and scary period. By the way, our people get used to endure trials and tribulations and, in addition to the big problems, we have to face daily minor annoyances that many of you never had or even heard of. But don't worry, as much as we are accustomed to these annoyances, we consider them as our daily dose of humor.

For example, how much is it easy in your country to make a PayPal account? or to add credit on an electronic card? or to receive money from another country? to pay with a google pay? Well, in my country there are a lot of restrictions, many innovative things are not allowed at all. And now they could be really so useful and precious, maybe a life saver for some people considering we are obliged to be in an open big unphysical "prison" since the restrictions got even worse.

Nowadays people are globally interconnected, being online makes us observers of a common show, but then everyone has to face their own side of the world and many of us never are able to experience what they would like to.

I was thinking to surrender to this condition, just being connected to the world but not for everything, when two weeks ago someone casually mentioned to me, in a conversation about the current hyperinflation in Lebanon, something I never knew before: a way to escape limits. I was and I still am totally ignorant about it, almost certainly very naive, but only knowing this way exists made me enthusiastic, ready to discover more.

What I have done till now it's pretty simple: I installed a wallet on my mobile, I have sent a public key, I received 0.5$ worth in bitcoin cash. Nothing more, but I don't consider this is few! I still have no idea what a token is, how I can spend cryptos, the difference among them. Honestly many words I meet are totally new, but in the end I'm sure I liked what I'm imagining all this is: freedom, escape from impositions.

Obviously I don't think it will be easy: no crypto ATM here, no shop with a sticker of bitcoin acceptance, no people suggesting cryptos, no one talking about cryptos at all. I really have no idea where to get, where to spend, where to change them. A desert yes, but why not to believe other people will become curious the same way I am and so let this desert be less uninhabited?

So I would like to learn, not only for myself but to be able to inspire people around me.
This is my purpose.

Now it's time to tell why I'm writing. When after a little research, I arrived casually to this site, then I asked myself if I would like to  write "my just born experience", step by step, without knowing if this journey will be long, if it goes far, if my needs and my curiosity can get satisfaction. And I answered YES, I want it, above all for 2 reasons:

- The first one is to learn and to feel myself part of a shared knowledge. I am sure that describing my problems will force me to understand, or to be helped.

- The second is to learn how to teach everything I learnt to people that have never considered the existence of alternatives. This is something I feel when I think of my friends.

So here starts my challenging journey,
Thank you for reading ❤️

The Lebanese Girl
The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️

My Challenging Journey
My Challenging Journey

My challenging journey in a crypto's world from Lebanon

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