Time of Miracles is here ... Let your creativity invade your Matrix ...

You know that moment, when you got Home, and you are amazed by how the entire house got transformed suddenly, as if Santa Claus had been visiting and decorating the house ...

This happened to me and my children today, as like a miracle :)


It's like we have stepped inside Winter Wonderland ...

And, we all know, that in this time of the year, the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, oranges are the most amazing ones ...

As you can see, the pine cones are something awesome within our Winterish' photo, especally because they've been picked-up straight from the sacred wood :)

Now, while these days are running like Santa's sleigh, sometimes i don't even know what to compose, which ethnic instrument to pick-up and just leave the fairies to whisper some ideas ...

Should i practice and compose some music flute, turkish ney or the indian bansuri? There are so many ideas and textures sometimes that as an artist you are overwhelmed and you don't even know where to start your daily musical journey :)


Somehow, at some moment, you'll might have the luck to hear some magic stories ... like was happening to me and my children today ... and by the time when we've searched from where it came that whisper with those winterish' stories that are always staring with "Once upon a Time ..." we've discovered that Dobby the magic elf was appearing behind the Christmas tree and the pine cones to read us an awesome story from his magic book ...


What a magic day before the Christmas Eve.

I'll keep you posted with new magic creations that will take place in our Wonderland ...


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Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist
Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist

https://luciannagy.com/ I'm an artist/Musicoin ambassador. You can find out more by visiting my webpage from the link above. I'm here to present the blend between the art/music & cryptonian world.

My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

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