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How Publish0x is Helping Me Fulfill My Goals

Thank you to the Publish0x community, and especially my followers - this post is for you!

Many times over the course of my career, I've wanted to start blogging about all the cool things in tech I do every day, but I've never been able to stay motivated (read: incentivized).  I have published 1 article on Medium, and 2 articles on, but always felt like me, the content creator, was being used for profit (looking at you 👀, Medium...).   I don't expect my blogs to be profitable, but I do enjoy feeling like my passions are appreciated by the community I am sharing with.

Enter Publish0x - the place that pays you directly for your words, your attention, your time!  I have many technology-related topics I would like to share with the world wide web, and I am committed to making my place to share Publish0x.  The tipping concept is valuable - it's not the same as a 👍, 👏, ❤️, 🌈, or 🦄 from these other publishing platforms.  You only have a limited number of tips per day, and so I feel incredibly honored and grateful for each and every tip and upvote I have received.  To me, this means that my posts, my tutorials, my ideas - are striking a chord with you, that you are finding my content valuable!

We all want to create things that folks find useful, and Publish0x is a platform where content creators and consumers alike can feel valued!

To sum it all up - I feel valued as a content creator on Publish0x, and I hope that you, as a reader, also feel valued here! I am incredible grateful for your time, your attention, and also your support - all of which provide me with motivation to continue to write.  I have already written more blog posts here on this platform than anywhere else because of the sense that I am able to create something you all enjoy here.

For those finding my content for the first time, my main purpose here on Publish0x is to blog about my technology related things.  My primary blog is 'Awesome Self-Hosted' - where I am documenting, detailing, and turning into a tutorial, the awesome (yet complicated) world of self-hosting.  Tune in there for all things self hosted - my next topic there is my core Kubernetes install itself! This blog in general is the place where I'm showcasing all the things you can do with a Home Server!  If you're curious about my passions, be sure to follow along there.

If you're interested in what I do outside of this platform, be sure to follow me on Twitter: @Bwvolleyball7 - my most active core social network platform.  Again, thank you, Publish0x community, for helping me fulfill my personal goal to write, especially about technology.  I know the topics I post about can be dense, but thank you for showing me your support.  For this community, I am truly grateful!

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I am a software engineer by trade, with 7 years of experience in the industry. I have a Master's degree in the field as well. I love all things technology, from smart home things, to cryptocurrency. If there is code, you will find me there!

Musings of Random Thoughts
Musings of Random Thoughts

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