Your first NFT collection
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Your first NFT collection

The world of crypto can be intimidating and down-right expensive, especially if you ever get it wrong. Are you a crypto enthusiast or budding artist who wants to try your hand at NFTs?  If you do, then you should check out the new OpenSea offering that allows you to not only mint NFTs, but also list them without upfront fees.

Gas-Less NFTs

You've read this right - you can mint, list, and ultimately sell without paying gas fees.  This effectively allows you to earn your way into the NFT game. If you have an NFT collection you're dying to share with the world, but the cost of entry for NFTs has historically been too steep for you, then this is for you!

My own gas-less NFT collection is here, and they are all for sale:  comment your favorite and one lucky winner will receive one of these one-of-a-kind masterpieces! (just kidding on the masterpiece, but they are one-of-a-kind!)

Firstly, you'll need a crypto wallet that can mint your NFTs and receive payment. I'm using MetaMask.

Secondly, you'll need to configure your wallet to connect to the Polygon Network.

Lastly, head on over to to begin crafting your NFT (or collection of NFTs)!  When you first get to OpenSea, you'll want to use your wallet to log in.  To do this, simply click the wallet icon, pick your wallet technology, and finish signing in by connecting your wallet to OpenSea.

logging in to OpenSea

Now, you'll be able to create (mint) your NFT. You can directly mint an NFT, but I recommend first creating a collection to house one or more NFTs.  You can make a collection from your account menu, next to the wallet button.

When configuring your collection, to have gas-less transactions, it's crucial that you select Polygon as the Blockchain technology for your Collection / NFTs.

Polygon blockchain

Final state should be this:

Polygon selected

Beyond that, you are free to tweak, update, edit, and create to your heart's content until your NFT is exactly how you want it to be! For an NFT to be valuable as a true NFT, it must be immutable.  OpenSea is a very forgiving platform, in that it allows you to create and edit NFTs before they have been frozen.  When the NFT is frozen, all of its metadata is written to the blockchain, and it is forever immutable.  Before you sell any NFT, you should freeze it.

To prove just how easy this process is, I've created my own NFT collection, and was able to list it up for sale on the Polygon network for $0.  ** There is a platform fee if any of my NFTs if they do happen to sell, so OpenSea still makes their money, but this is an accessible way for a content creator to try the NFT space with no strings attached.

Check out my very first NFT collection, each of which is listed for the reasonable cost of 10 ◈ (DAI) 

What's that you say? NFTs are selling for absurd sums, and your initial NFTs are listed for only 10 ◈?

I know, it's a deal! I wanted to make my project accessible for all, and make it a starting point for me to earn my way into the Polygon ecosystem!

Thanks for the read, shill me your fabulous NFT collections in the comments! What will you create??

Better yet, comment your favorite NFT from my collection, and, after my first NFT sells, I'll randomly gift one of the remaining NFTs to one lucky commenter!

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