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By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 22 May 2019

Hello Everyone! I hope you have had a blessed and nice day!

I can't say enough good things about Publish0x! It is intuitive and easy to use way beyond most other sites that I am evaluating! I have been able to earn a decent amount of Hydro, almost 4k in 2 months! Everything is simple and straight forward instead of complicated and based on various factors. You don't have to have so many upvotes, or so many followers... You get to earn crypto to read and you get tips when you posts.

It can be a little confusing, at first, when you try to upload photos. I learned that you simply do a screen shot of your photo, on your phone, and it uploads with no problem!

I have some pretty neat videos, of animals playing, that I would like to upload and write posts about, but that seems beyond me and/or Publish0x, for now. I did see where someone uploaded a quasi-video on one post, but there was very little movement. It would be neat if a video feature were added!

The only other suggestion, I have right now, is that they give a permanent option to share with other Social Media sites. If there is one, I can't find it. You are given the option to share when you first publish, but, none after that.

I like to search through the posts to find ones that I am interested in. There is a large variety of Authors and subjects to choose from! Almost anyone can find something interesting to read. You can also discover new things you might not be aware of.

Overall, Publish0x has no rival, that I can find so far. Even if I do find another site this good I would not leave Publish0x! Afterall there is time to share with others!

Thank you for your time and interest! Please follow my blog and check out some of my other posts!


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