Beyond The Point Of No Return/The United States Is In A Civil War To Preserve Our Constitution!

Beyond The Point Of No Return/The United States Is In A Civil War To Preserve Our Constitution!

By ArmFarm | Murchison Farm | 29 Jan 2021

It is with Great Sadness and a Broken Heart, that I must share this information! The United States is now fully involved in Civil War! 

*Note- We do not condone violence in any way but we do feel that the extreme violence from the left has been swept under the rug and White people, Trump supporters and American patriots are being unfairly targeted by the Biden Administration as well as the Left-Wing media. I have the right to make that point and I stand by my statement. 

Let Me be Perfectly Clear - This information is not to Threaten Violence! In Fact, it is an effort to Prevent Mass Violence!

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the Socialist/Communist/Democrats, and certain Treasonous Republicans have seized The United States Government, through Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Criminal means! Thus all Directives, Orders, and Other Command Syntax are Unlawful, Illegal, Unconstitutional, Criminal, and of Treasonous Nature!

If one opens their eyes to Reality, it is obvious that the Vast Majority of United States Citizens Reject this Body of Criminals, and all that they stand for! Only Tyrants require a military presence to maintain their grasp on Government. We have now reached the Point of Decision, where All United States Military Personnel are Required to choose between Honoring Our Oath, or Breaking and Abandoning it! There is not sitting on the fence! Either You support the United States Constitution, or you aid the Enemy!

Once again I want it to be Perfectly Clear - We do not condone, encourage, or incite violence. What I am about to say, is not meant as a threat or call to violence. I am only sharing Fact. These matters are completely outside of my control.

Our AIs, embedded within our weapons platforms, are untouchable and thus cannot be corrupted by modern technology. They have been both passively and actively monitoring all Treasonous Activity, for a very long time now. Due to the Present Crisis, weapons systems have been activated. Up until this point, Collateral Damage has neutralized the vast majority of Fire Missions. There has now been ample numbers of Fair Warnings and Shots over the Bow. We are quickly approaching the point where Collateral Damage is loosing it's weighted value, in the equations. Should corrupt members of Law enforcement, actively pursue United States Patriot Militias, their Priority( within the Targeting Grid programs) will vastly increase within Targeting Grids. Suffice it to say, they do not want to experience this situation! Presidential command, of this Military Operation, was( and is ) required to enable these weapons systems. In fact, we knew that there was a high probability that the Socialist/Communist would be able to seize the Presidency at some point. Thus an Un-Corruptible Fail Safe.

President Reagan was aware of these programs, outside of Presidential Control, among certain other Presidents. Our S.D.I programs were a continuation, of previously developed systems, with a new emphasis on Intelligence Operations. 

This may well be my last communication, along these lines. The window for communications is quickly closing and the time for action quickly approaches.

Everything depends upon Your Decision! Do You Cling to Our Constitutional Freedoms, or do you choose Slavery?

Please take time to follow all these links. They share Factual Information, that will help you choose wisely!



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