Reason why don't give up in Bitcoin Cash

Giving a motivation to don't giving up in one thing is so hard to do, it is because we don't know the reason or what is in mind in every person.

I'm also a person who want to give up in this beautiful crypto because no one in my community believing me that i will be successful in the future using this. But i choose not to give up it is because BCH community is very supportive community that you will fall in love in their kindness and generosity.

One person I ask about this topic he is one of the popular author in this platform and he is also a enthusiast of BCH.

Me :Why many people don't want to leave in Bitcoin Cash?

Him: "It because Bitcoin Cash will help many people around the world and make their lives better. And what we are doing is helping billions of people against inflation and other bad things associated with government printed money."

This answer from him make me realized one thing the BCH is anti inflation and very affordable currency that you will become rich without taxes involved. If you think harder BCH is a government that always giving a lot of thing to their people.

Main reason why you need to stay in Bitcoin Cash:

  • Your money is always in your control no money freezing unlike in the bank and also unlike paypal.

  • You can send and received bitcoin cash anytime and anywhere.

  • Your money cannot be forfeited.

  • Your personal identity is always secured because you don't need to give your personal information in this crypto.

  • A lots of opportunity in the future for example your BCH worth now is 20$ in the future it will increase a value maybe double the value 😊

  • Being a first in the community is a big advantage to become successful just like other things (google, facebook, etc) they are all successful now.

  • Its also a safe money what if you are in robbery/holdup situation they can get phone, wallet, other valuable thing but not your money it is because its secured in the system. BCH is just like Vault 👍

  • Good environment.

If you have something to add in this article please let me know. Just comment below its my pleasure to add some good opinion here in my article to help each and everyone of us 😊.



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Multi Business with Bitcoin Cash
Multi Business with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash for everyday life. Creating multi business with BCH is a big adoption in my community.

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