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By Kripto Murat | Mrtyildiz | 16 Oct 2019

In the future, personal mining will be available (with personal equipment). You can buy cloud mining machines and earn Aigar every month!


> New Blockchain:

Now lets talk about our new blockchain. Our blockchain is a modification of turbo geth and inherits some features of ethereum and features never seen before. It in no way connected to the Ethereum Chain. We have our complete own Blockchain.


The problem of network scalability is solved, the network protocol is changed and new features have been added to create a super stable and perfectly working blockchain to provide you a currency that can be used to pay friends or pay goods in a matter of nearly “lightning speed”!


> Facts:

The start supply is 1,000,000 AGR. 20,000 AGR reserved to the bounty. The remaining funds will be used to exchange BTW coins with a ratio of 1 AGR = 60 BTW. There is no reserved coins for developers, partners and airdrop. The block creation time is 15 seconds. The reward for 1 block is 0.4 AGR. 15% of mining will be automatically sent to DAO - a wallet whose funds will be used to develop the platform and pay for projects related to Aigar improvement. Another 15% of the mining will be sent to a fundraising wallet - to invest in projects that have received approval from the Aigar community and developers.



⚠️ The Aigar network is in not connected with the Ethereum network, and by sending any funds to ETH wallets, they will be irretrievably lost! Aigar has its own network and own smart contracts.


> Swap:

And finally, we want to talk about the process of swaping BTW for your new AGR coins. Swap will last 2 months. Min. Swap amount is 100 BTW! The BTW web wallet and block explorer will be available at this time. To get started, you will need to create your account on the Aigar website. A wallet in the new network will be generated automatically and will be available in the Wallet section. When the coin swap begins (approximately in the next 2 days), we will publish special swap adress for BTW coins. BTW coins must be sent to this address with your new address in the Remark field. In addition, the same data will need to be sent by e-mail [email protected] from the address that you used when registering on the site. ATTENTION: do not write addresses of the Ethereum network, otherwise the funds will be irretrievably lost! Also: If you send below 100 BTW you will NOT receive your Aigar and if you do not put your Aigar address in remark you will not receive your coins!

At the moment, the Bitexbook exchange is prepared for the automatic exchange of old coins for new ones. We will report on the process of exchanging coins on other exchanges, as agreed with the administrations of the exchanges. After the exchange on all exchanges and the start of trading for new trading pairs, the information on CoinMarketCap will be updated.

Registration will be available at

If you didn’t receive an email notification when registering, it may be in the spam folder. Now at the launch stage, there are problems with some e-mail servers that will be resolved. 

Over time, new features will be added, and existing ones will be improved. We hope that the Aigar platform will become a part of your life and your business. Many thanks for all who continue to provide support. We are glad to welcome for all who are with us again and welcome!


> Metamask wallet:

Metamask is a browser extension and supports Aigar. To connect Aigar with metamask follow these steps:


1. Install Metamask:


2. Create Account

Click on the box in the upper middle (should say: “Ethereum Mainnet”)


3. Click on Custom RPC

Add the following informations:

Networkname: Aigar


ChainID: 100

Symbol: AGR



(Leave the rest out)

Click on safe. Now you can select Aigar Network (it is now in the list on point 3.) and you are ready to go!😊


Metamask is also available for iOS and Android.


> Bounty:

Bountys from Telegram have ended now.

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