Bad sides of Brave Browser

By Sykt | Mother's Love | 5 Aug 2019

So many post and talkings about brave community that there is nothing new in this topic without new update.We all know that brave browser is mainly known for their ad blocker system and unique tipping model and their BAT token.

First my ref link download now

Today i will talk about brave community that not new.All people know that.But i playback them.

Brave browser gives 5$ per ref,ref must use that app for 1 month.

They have ad blocker.


they block sometimes 99+ ads on just you tube video.And they save some time for browseing.

But i some time i thought that publisher get harmed by this ads blocking system.

Because most of people now use brave browser and they browse many sites and they don't tip their site.Nowadays they also don't give any free bat to their users .People can only earn bat token by showing some ads.This offer only in urban countries.But in poor country they don't gives ads.So ,in result bat users don't get bat token and can't tip site user.

Normally people don't tip site owner easily,if they don't have bat token they never tip site owners.And this ad blocker is so powerful that not a single ads or pop ads don't show.

If system goes this way many sites owners will face loses.

My friend run a website.He have many visitors in his sites but some months he can't earn money properly.

Every thing has a good and a bad sides.

I thing this thing is brave browser bad thing.


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hi..i am saykot.always wanna know about crypto.

Mother's Love
Mother's Love

I am saykot.I am not a trader or not speacialist about crypto.But i am internet surfer.Every day I surf internet for learn and share knowledge.I love to learn tech related things. HAPPY LEARNING

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