Mortegard Courtier: Feyrith

Mortegard Courtier: Feyrith, the Asharan Hunter


Courtiers are allies and advisors that offer unique expertise, granting increased production of tokenized resources within the boundaries of their respective castles. Emerging from depths of the Osvaran jungles, Feyrith has fought his way up the ranks to fill the role of courtier.

From the covered canopies of the Osvaran jungle springs forth a haughty, surefooted warrior! Feyrith, fluid of step and draped in the pelts of his prey, is an elven hunter who grants insight into wood, food, and gold production. Normally the Osvarans don't put much stock in commerce, but Feyrith's extensive travels have given him the chance to pick up a thing or two when it comes to bartering. 


Although many of Feyrith’s kinsmen do set out on spiritual pilgrimages, it is extremely rare to find an elf that has ventured beyond the boundaries of the massive jungle. 

Alongside the worldliness granted by his world-spanning journeys, Feyrith brings a zeal to everything he sets his mind to, and is sure to be a boon to any royal court. 

3704eb0b0a9c1ad1202fc825b235d5b249a2052772e73926c0bab939dda1075e.gif"My homeland? Not much to say. It was a place like any other... well, except for the nightmare bugs. If you weren't careful they'd sneak up on you while you slept and lay their eggs inside of ya."

Feyrith is available now on OpenSea as an addition to your retinue of courtiers.

Mortegard is a fantasy universe built for the Polygon Network. In the Kingdom Building Client, you are able to stake castles, claim land and develop it as you see fit to produce tokenized resources. Use these resources to further develop your land, sell to other players through an LP or to participate in story related events to earn valuable upgrades, allies and more castles to expand your empire. 

The Mortegard Kingdom Building Client is available to play now via the launch button on our website. Our start guide is highly recommended for new players looking to get set up to play Mortegard.

In order to get the full game experience as well as the chance to interact with the dev team,  join our Discord. We're currently hosting contests and riddle/mystery games where rulers(or would-be rulers) can earn castles, courtiers and other assets help expand their empire. We also plan to hold RP events as well where participants get the chance to interact with characters from the world of Mortegard. We also have Telegram, as well as Twitter.

Begin building your empire in the Decentralized Kingdom Builder, Mortegard.

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Mortegard - Kingdom Building Game

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