The Mirror

By Blangs | Morning Thoughts | 12 Aug 2020

Raise your voices high and praise Him! For He has all the glory and power forever!

A mirror is something we can use to see ourselves though a different perspective. A way to experience how others might see us. A way to check something that we can't see without help.

And yet, the reflection is still completely left up to interpretation based on how we've already decided it will reveal. Look in the mirror expecting to see something, only to have your eyes promptly fall on some example of exactly what you were looking for. A wrinkle? Blemish? A smile?

The same goes for man We can many times see the into the mirror of our soul. believe that God sees himself in us. For otherwise, we would be seem by who we are...and that judgment would be harsh. Just like how God sees Himself in us, I believe we too can see ourselves in others.

He has given us SO many gifts, so many blessings. It's no wonder the world takes such joy in hiding these things from us.

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Morning Thoughts
Morning Thoughts

Each morning I give thanks for something in my heart. And each morning I find a message of hope.

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