Daily Crypto News - 11/24/20

Daily Crypto News - 11/24/20


1) Biggest news story is $BTC above $19K. Must be said. 

2) 2nd biggest news story is Eth2 Launchpad has reached staking threshold (and $ETH above $600). 


3) 3rd biggest news story is PICKLE is being absorbed by yearn.


4) Solana just finished a Hackathon

5) Fantasy Football is coming to the Solana Blockchain


6) Validation for our investment interest in $DIA

7) Good list of Altcoin organizations from @ChrisBlec

8) We are continuing to explore other blockchains as investments, and so are other dapps


1inch is set to be on the NEAR Blockchain. 

9) Coingecko has an "Insurance" page to track crypto insurance investments: 

- https://www.coingecko.com/en?category_id=insurance&view=market



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