A.M. Research Call Notes - Friday 10/30/20

A.M. Research Call Notes - Friday 10/30/20

4 Things today: Themes of the Week, Bullish Items, Bearish Items, Other Items from Today's Call


  • Crypto Market Cap surpassed $400B this week, and has held there despite a tough week for altcoins and DeFi altcoins.
  • $BTC above $13,000 and staying there. Spending much of the week between $13,800-$14,000
  • $ETH above $375 and staying there. Spending much of the week between $380-$400
  • $OCEAN was one of lone strong performers of the week up 25.6% in 7d. 
  • Keep3r and the $KP3R token


1) The USDC/BOND @barn_bridge liquidity pool is earning approximately 1,300% in APY on a $11M TVL pool. 

2) One of our call participants is very BULLISH on @avalancheavax

3) Smart Contract Auditors

  • @SolidityFinance are one example smart contract developers and auditors.
  • I would love to have a way to invest in smart contract auditors
  • As investors, we can follow smart contract auditors to confirm the safety of smart contracts related to certain organizations
  • Example: 

4) Mongolia's largest bank is going to offer crypto services. 

5) Lots of talk around $HEGIC (@HegicOptions), and their staking/pool products, as well as crypto options contracts.  

6) A small thread by @Macarse about why he is bullish on @HegicOptions: 

7) A listener also liked @orion_protocol, who is building DeFi products & services for B2B & B2C application


1) People on the call today were BEARISH on @TeamPresearch and the $PRE token.


1) The https://etherscan.io/ website has a few resources I was unfamiliar with: 

2) @CryptoDiffer letting us know what is upcoming in November and Q4 2020: 

3) New Organization I hadn't seen before: @FrontierdotXYZ

4) DeFiDollar is have their Initial Liquidity Mining Offering (ILMO) related to their DeFiDollar ($DUSD)

5) @NotionalFin released their Beta on Oct. 26th, 2020 brining fixed rate lending and borrowing to crypto:



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