Voltbit a Charity Token with 10-100X Possibility or more

By GerSoul | Mooner | 29 May 2021

Hey Guys,

today i will invite you to the Voltbit Charity Token.


What are they doing:

Voltbit was created as a way to help combat poverty and climate change.

In many Third-World countries and under-developed areas,

having electricity is currently a struggle due to lack of funding or availability. 


With Voltbit, we aim to change this. A 1% fee on every transaction goes to a charity wallet.

We also have "auto staking" where you earn passive Voltbit tokens as every transaction
has a 3% fee that redistributes tokens, reducing the total amount in circulation. There
is finally another 3% fee that goes to burning tokens, removing them from circulation.


Because of their Tokenomics and low Total Coin Supply (500 million),10-100x should be easily to archieve.


She is explaining the Concept quiet good:


Before investing always look at the social media of those tokens (This is not a financial advice):


Here you can buy it:


Just add the Token to your Metamask or Trustwallet


Token Address: 0xe78a58acb18811e840dd828d4f0116389e953592


and buy the coin on pancakewap:


If you are not registered in Binance yet (to buy BNB), use following code to save 10% at every Trade:

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