Tiki 100x Possible with reflections paid out in BNB automatically (10 million mcap, 10k Holders)

By GerSoul | Mooner | 5 Jul 2021

Hey Guys,

today I will introduce you to the Tiki token. It's a 2-week old Token that has a big future ahead. One needs at least 10k Tiki tokens to receive the BnB reflection but that will change when the price grows. Also one can buy tiki directly at their side per visa. The Devs make improvements every day and planing a lot for the future. The Community is one of a kind and one of the nicest and most interesting I ever encountered in the crypto universe. I myself was at first really skeptical and bought only 10k coins now I have over 96k and as you can see I got reflection worth 175 $ already. the higher the Trading volume is the more bnbs one gets. Currently, the 24h trading volume is low which means tiki will collect the rewards longer than one hour and send them after some time to save transaction fees. I can say you guys make your research and if you are satisfied don't miss the bus, actually, the price is quite low now I paid double the price per coin and I am still excited about the future of the coin. A friend of mine invested 16k dollars and at the ath he got 2 bnb per day. The following Pictures give you an overview of the current reflection with really low trading volume (under 500k) 5million trading volume would 10x the earnings that you will see.







Tiki in a nutshell (Source Whitepaper):

TIKI is the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): you get rewarded in BNB instead of tokens. The token contract employs a static rewards system—15% of every transaction is split in two:
- 10% BNB is redistributed to holders
- 5% is used to fuel the liquidity pool exchange growth
To fully understand the BNB redistribution, we need to educate you on the reflection concept:

Classic redistribution
This is a concept that was popularized by Safemoon. The mechanism incentivizes token holders to hold to earn dividends from the transactions (buys and sells). Redistribution is based on a percentage (in the contract), current token balance, and several holders.TL; DR: You receive more tokens automatically.

BNB redistribution
Popularized by HODL and GhostFace, a transaction fee is applied to every single buy /sell order, tokens are then swapped in real-time for BNB and added to a POOL (similar to how liquidity pools work). Holders can then go to a website and manually claim the BNB earned at a specific time (daily / weekly / etc..). The BNB they can collect is based on their token holdings % and the current pool size. TL;DR: You hold, then go to the website and request your BNBs

Tiki redistribution (Source Whitepaper)

Claiming manually is unintuitive for a couple of reasons:
- Need to connect your wallet manually to the website
- Time constraints as you need to return frequently to manually claim your BNBs
- Educating holders is complicated. It's difficult for them to understand the value until they go through the full claiming experience. More difficult to market.

We created a unique system that auto-claims for every single holder the amount due. We call it the TIKI PROTOCOL.

The way it works for holders: You buy tokens and hold them, every 60 minutes you'll automatically receive BNB in your wallet. Not a single action is required.

 TIKI tokens amount is persistent and won't change.

Behind the scenes:
The contract keeps track of an array of all token holders
- The contract keeps an index into the array for processing
- Every transaction processes a certain number of users, depending on the transaction size (bigger token transfers can process more since the gas will still be proportionally less than the value of the tokens)
- The token is based on a Dividend-Paying Token Standard, which means all BNB the contract gains will be split equally proportionally to the token holders.
When a user is processed, the contract checks how many withdrawable dividends they have. If it is above the minimum threshold for auto-claims, they will automatically claim those dividends for BNB or automatically buy back tokens.

This system is fully automated and doesn't add minimal gas fees proportional to the value transferred. The number of holders processed through each transaction is dynamic and based on transaction size. Holders will receive dividends from the queue based on their position in the array. It's a fair system, fully automated.  The minimum token balance is 10,000 Tiki tokens to receive BNB distributions.

What if I don't want to wait?

There is already a function that allows to manually claim the bnb before the hour is over.


If you are not registered in Binance yet (to buy BNB), use the following code to save 10% at every Trade:


Their Social media :

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