Hyper Def Rice Token 2500x possible (100 million supply, 10 million burned , Mcap 5 Million)

By GerSoul | Mooner | 17 Jun 2021

Hey Guys,


today I will introduce you to the rice token. It's the main token of the rice farm and will provide a blockchain of the fifth generation. with over 1 million transactions per Minute. Also, it is a hyper def token with every transaction, 14 percent of the transferred Tokens will be burned. That way they burned nearly 10 Million tokens since the 13.06.2021 already . You can stake your rice or Teslasafe token on their rice farm and earn more rice I staked some for 5 Days and look at the picture of how much I earned with it. (also the price doubled since presale)




Here is how they describe themselves:

The SuperBlockchain will be a one-stop shop. It will be a truly decentralized, fully self-governing, censor-resistant, permissionless blockchain that will be the one-stop shop for all of crypto. It's the first endeavor of its kind & much like bitcoin will have no central point of attack. The only way to stop it is to stop the internet.

The SuperBlockchain will be a 5th generation blockchain capable of doing 1,000,000 TPS at virtually no cost per transaction. Using an all-new C algorithm that is a hybrid of PoW + PoS + PoT and utilizing Scrypt instead of Sha256 to enable millions of validators all over the world. If you own a computer, chances are, you will have the capability to be a validator.

We are building the future. We are bringing the power back to the people. We are on stage 2 of that roadmap. Join the revolution! We're just getting started.





When $Rice gets to 20Bbil market cap & each rice is worth $5000 you don't want to miss out & realize you sold it for 0.70. Look at the roadmap & we are on DApp 2. We have 8 more. Each app will have a 2-5x impact on $Rice & $Teslasafe which means by the end of that run you could experience 2000-10000x gains. Long-term vision. HODL.

Remember UNI went sideways for about 4 months until 1000x gains. HODL

Remember CAKE went sideways for about 4 months until 1000x gains. HODL

$Rice will be more advanced than both of those put together. Give it time to grow. Paz coming out soon. You will need $RICE to buy $Paz presale.

One thing is for sure. We will complete every item on that roadmap. Nobody said the road wouldn’t have bumps, stop signs, or obstacles. ONE way or another we will get to that destination.

Remember this is day 1. It only gets better from here.

Every milestone will be reached & the Superblockchain will be revolutionary. That is a promise & certainty.


check it out and buy here:



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