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Formerly known as Monaco Technologies GmbH which was founded in June 2016 by the esteemed team of:

  • Kris Marszalek, Chief Executive Officer
  • Rafael Melo, Chief Financial Officer
  • Gary Or, Chief Technology Officer
  • Bobby Bao, Head of Corporate Development

Initially this company started with the MCO token, the company aims to bring a Crypto Debit card to the market since 2017, to achieve that goal they introduced the MCO token which has recently been discontinued by their platform.

The reason being is that they want to focus on one coin which is their utility token the CRO, this is done to streamline operations and simplify the learning curve of their platform.

Platform has three platforms, the App, the Exchange and the DeFi Wallet (aka non custodian wallet app).

Features with each of the platforms are as follows: App
It is a very easy to use and self explanatory app that allows you to buy and sell, pay and transfer crypto.

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To fund this wallet, you can either link it with a credit/debit card, send cryptos from your other wallets into it or load it with fiat into your built in fiat wallet (at this moment it only supports USD, EUR, AUD, GBP and CAD via bank transfer)
Fees, maximum and minimum limits apply, all are available for your perusal in the Fee and Limits section in the app under the settings tab.


You can buy and sell all the cryptos that are listed below from this app... (minimum amount to purchase and maximum limits apply)

                    ebdfece1f4be030457df13a1d718d02b990f3aa1a2830d3d3025b5156a260c06.jpg                            be8c929304781e77197772cdc1a7ec93404ac700d4e78839e3215adc3c9fb814.jpg

You can purchase it with either credit card, money from fiat wallet or convert it from any crypto available in your crypto wallet.
The rate is specified as is and will be shown to you how much a the crypto you will get before clicking enter.

The pay option allows you to buy gift cards, top up your prepaid phones with CRO/ other cryptos, pay services that accept CRO and send CRO to other users...

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All this options earns you pay rewards in the form of cashback (in CRO), however please note that pay option only applies  to users who staked at least 10000 in the platform (please refer table below)


Now last but not least is the transfer option...
It allows you to deposit crypto from other sources or withdraw crypto from your wallet to other users, to send to the exchange, to send to the non custodian wallet or to an external wallet (non affiliated).

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Transfer to users, and exchange is within the ecosystem and does not incur any fees.
However a transfer to the Defi wallet and any other external wallet will incur network fees because the transaction is on-chain...

I will go through in details about what other perks the app offers in a follow up post. (Click Here) exchange

The exchange is CRO powered exchange which offers spot trading and margin tradings (up to 3x).
It is used to complement the app and allow traders to buy and sell crypto with the help of an orderbook to do trading in real time and to get the best deals in terms of fees.


Fee structure are as follows:

      7ece34936036a82ad5fcca4cf79e0c4973a9f13f1d4822e8ec2045beb222cf8a.png  4f171157b9b65dfd1513cfa46eed3896bb1fb31b8d86b98c1a3118b290ae8af5.png


There are 6 levels for the trading fees and 3 more VIP levels. 
It is based on your 30 day trading volume.

By staking at least 5000 CRO you get a 10 percent discount on the maker and taker fees.
By staking at least 10000 CRO and selecting to pay your fees with CRO, you will get a 20 percent rebate on your maker and taker fees (in CRO)
You can stake up to 50 million CRO to receive a 100 percent discount/rebate on the maker and taker fees.

I will go through in details about what other perks the exchange offers in a follow up post. (Click Here)

Please note that the app and exchange services are not available for citizens of all countries, there are certain countries which are banned from using their services due to legal issues, you will know if you are eligible for their services when you sign up. Defi Wallet (non custodian wallet)

The Defi Wallet is a non custodian wallet created by them to allow users of all countries the ability to keep their crypto in a secure platform that is only accessible to the user via their private keys. You are in 100 percent control of all your cryptos stored there. You do not need KYC and thus citizens of any country could use it without legal issues.


The only disadvantage is that because all transfers to the wallet is done via on chain confirmation, therefore there will be network fees involved when you move the coins in and out of the Defi wallet.... (It is free when you move it within the ecosystem).
Network fees varies from time to time based on demand...
Here is a table of the pros and cons of using the Defi wallet.


I will go through in details about what other perks the exchange offers in a follow up post. (Click Here)

Referral rewards
The following are the rewards that you are able to get from the platform.

By clicking this link and signing up on the app you will get a sign up bonus of 25 USD that will be paid to you in CRO. The CRO will be locked on the app for 180 days and will only be released to you if you apply for the ruby steel visa card. This requires you to put in 2500 to the app to stake for 180 days.


And if you link your exchange to the app.

You will get 50 USD (paid in CRO, that is locked for 180 days) if you stake at least 5000 CRO to the exchange for at least 180 days.

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