New NFT project - launching soon

New NFT project - launching soon

By Quaro | Moon Stones Collection | 1 May 2021

As many of you already know, I wrote and article about publishing NFT on AtomicHub.

I sold all my NFTs, so I decided it was time to start a bigger project I had in mind for some time: the Moon Stones Collection idea started to take form.


The idea

I wanted to use the appreciated art style of my comic strip Darkmoor, offering something with high collectible value at the same time. I've been a Magic the gathering player for quite some years and I know the pleasure of possessing collectible and tradeable cards, so I decided to create a collection of unique characters, hand-drawn, with their own ID and name.

When my friend and colleague Marco was involved, we came up with a backstory for our setting: in a fantasy world, the moon is half-destroyed after a mysterious cataclysm, and some of its tiny parts fell on Earth and disintegrated, creating the legendary Moon Stones, that give incredible powers to their owners. I put this concept together in the project's logo, so we had a concept and a name for our characters: the Mooners.

I started creating the base prototypes, built in modular layers so that I can combine them in different ways and colors to create a multitude of unique Mooners. Then I created an algorithm to procedurally generate names and surnames, and we were ready to go.

Here are the first prototype Mooners we already minted on the WAX blockchain, with IDs from #1 to #5:



The roadmap

Following the path of the top-selling CryptoPunks tokens (on a much smaller scale), a total of 1000 unique Mooners will be minted. These will be split in 20 generations of 50 characters each, and they will consist of:

  • 35 Common Mooners
  • 13 Rare Mooners
  • 2 Legendary Mooners

Please note that a common Mooner will be unique anyway, there won't be multiple copies minted: the only difference is that we'll pick the ones with least common traits, increase their stats and promote them to Rare. The Legendary ones, being only 2 for each generation, will have custom hand-drawn poses and features, and increased stats.

All the updated informations about Mooners availability is on our Official website, just click on Cards list for an archive page we'll update as soon as Mooners are created or sold:



Adding value

We wanted to add value to our cards beside the purely collectable and artistical one, so we added some stats to each character (strength, resistance, speed, mana). We're both web developers in the team, and we plan to use these stats in an online game later in time, where you can put together your party of heroes, equip them with weapons, armours and amulets and fight epic battles against monsters, achieving gemstones and location cards. 

Since Marco is also a mathematician, I let him take care of all the balancing and game theory behind the game.



Launch time

We plan to launch the Moon Stones Collection next week; there will be a dedicated article by then with a giveaway of some FREE Mooners for the quickest commenters, so keep an eye here of course, and on our official Twitter page.

See you soon with some great news and updates!


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Moon Stones Collection
Moon Stones Collection

NFT collection on AtomicHub. 1000 different NFT collectible characters. All of them are hand-drawn and minted in 1 copy only. Collect your Mooners!

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