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By Quaro | art 360 | 8 Apr 2021

In my previous post I wrote about my first experience with NFT creation and selling. I ended publishing my original artwork as NFT on the Mintable platform. As an experiment, I created an auction for each of my NFTs, but had very few visits and no bids.
It's totally ok, since it was just a way to understand how this new world works; but then I thought that one of the drawbacks of NFTs and this platform in particular, is to be based on Ethereum with all its problems with unbelievable gas fees.

So, thanks to a comment by  ProjectJourneyman on the previous article I gave a try to AtomicHub, an open marketplace associated with the Wax platform. 

The currency used to create and trade NFT tokens isn't Ethereum in this case, but WAXP tokens, based on the EOSio blockchain technology. It is possible to login to the site using the WAX wallet, that can be easily created using your google credentials, or with a classic e-mail and password registration.

I will use my Savant graphic novel original characters to explore the creation process on this platform; so I will create unique NFTs of the main characters portraits, and if it's successfull I will expand the collection with locations, illustrations, etc.


Creation process

The next step is clicking on the NFT Creator page:


An important concept to understand before you can create anything is that here you will need RAM (measured in kbytes) to perform actions on the blockchain. These actions include creating your NFTs, listing them on the marketplace, etc.


When I created my profile, I had about 5kbytes of free RAM, so I could start experimenting; additional RAM can be obtained by purchasing it with WAXP tokens, and it's very cheap (I had about 50kbytes with 5 WAXP, for a total cost of less than 1.5$).

The good news is that you can buy WAXP with Kucoin, that is one of the options for withdrawal here on Publish0x! So that's what I did: once I had some Ethereum on Kucoin I traded them for WAXP and I transfered them on my WAX wallet, having 52kbytes of RAM to create as many NFTs as I like. Just remember that Kucoin minimum amount for withdrawal is 9 WAXP at the moment, with a fee of 10WAXP (about 2$), so you'll need at least 20 WAXP before you can withdraw.


Creating collections

All your NFT tokens will be grouped in collections:


All you have to do is giving your collection a unique name of 12 characters max, a display name, a description, a cover photo, and a market fee. This fee is the amount you will be payed each time a user re-sells an NFT of this collection after the first purchase. So you will not only earn when the NFT is bought, but also every time it is traded!


Creating schemas

A schema is a list of all the attributes your NFTs will have. A collection can have multiple schemas: let's say you're creating a card game, you can have a schema "character" that has attributes like name, age, strenght, etc, and all your characters NFT cards will be created under this schema; another schema could be "artifacts", with cost, effect, type, and your weapons cards will follow this schema.

For my simple artwork NFTs I created a  basic schema, "char", with 3 attributes: name, description and image.



Creating assets

Now that you have a collection and one or more schemas, you're ready to create your NFTs. You have 2 options:


you can directly create (or "mint") a new asset, or a template. I never used the second option, but if I understood it correctly, you can create an NFT template and mint one or many copies of the same NFT multiple times (let's say you want to mint 200 "simple sword" cards today, and another batch of 200 in a month).

Clicking "Mint new asset" will bring you to this page:


All you have to do is filling the attributes, loading an image and deciding how many copies (up to 10) you want to mint. After authorizing the transaction, the NFT will be created and you will find it in your inventory.

The next step is listing it on the market: in your Inventory page, all your NFTs have a "List on market" button (unless they are listed already)


Next, you can decide to put in on sale, and in this case all you have to do is deciding the price in WAXP, or start an auction: with  auctions you have to decide the auction duration (in days or hours) and the starting price. After the auction ends, if the NFT wasn't purchased it will be unlisted from the market and you'll have to list it again in order to be purchased. 

That's it, authorize the transaction, and your NFTs will be in the marketplace, ready to be sold! Now it's up to you to start marketing your products, and about this... are my first two NFTs, original artwork minted in 1 copy only! In case any of you wants to own a little bit of my artwork:

I wish you best luck with selling your own artwork as NFTs!

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