Moon Stones Collection: recap of Generation 1

By Quaro | Moon Stones Collection | 16 May 2021

Hi everybody, on last Friday we completed the listing of the first generation of Mooners with the auctions for the 2 Legendary Mooners, and it was a big and unexpected success; so it's time for a recap of this first release to take a closer look at the early stages of this project and at its hopefully bright future.

The project

Moon Stones collection is an NFT collectible cards project that offers 1000 unique character cards, all minted in one copy only, with algorithmically mixed hand-drawn features and computer generated names and surnames. Beside the collectible value, each character card has 4 stats: Strength, Resistance, Speed and Mana, and this allows their usage in an online game, which is one of the long-term goals of this project. The 1000 characters are splitted in 20 generations of 50 Mooners each.


Generation 1 


As each of the 20 generations, the first one consists of:

  • 35 Common Mooners (cards with yellow background),
  • 13 Rare Mooners (cards with green background) and
  • 2 Legendary Mooners (cards with purple background).

All the Moon Stones Collection cards are available exclusively on Atomic Hub.



The 50 Mooners were offered in 2 batches during the last week and went sold-out just a few hours after the listing. This is how the NFTs are partitioned:

2 of the Common Mooners were kept by the developers; 4 were reserved for giveaways, and the rest were sold on market at a special price of 5 WAXP each;
All the 13 Rare Mooners were sold on market at 7.5 WAXP each;
The 2 Legendary Mooners were offered as Auctions starting at 10 WAXP and received more than 30 bids each, being sold for 500 and 350 WAXP.



One of the Common cards was bought and put on the secondary market for 100 WAXP and it was sold the following day. At the moment, a couple of 1st generation Mooners are still available on the secondary market, in case you're interested:

Mooner #7

Mooner #39


Current state of the project

After the end of the first sale, we are already at work. First, we did a restyling of the logo to make it more colorful and distinctive:


Then we started sketching new graphical features to add variety and value to the next cards. After finalizing this, the production of generation 2 will start briefly and we hope to put them on sale in about 2 weeks from now. The planned price will still have a 20% discount on the final one, because early adopters need to be rewarded for sharing the beginning of this path with us.

So stay tuned, because for each generation we'll offer a giveaway both here on Publish0x and on our twitter channel, so be sure to follow us and let's all go to the Moon Stones! 

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Moon Stones Collection
Moon Stones Collection

Moon Stones Collection is an upcoming graphic adventure rpg game on the WAX blockchain. The main characters will be 1000 different collectible NFT cards, hand drawn and minted in 1 copy only. Available on AtomicHub. Collect your Mooners!

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