Moon Stones Collection: Legendary Auctions + giveaway results

By Quaro | Moon Stones Collection | 13 May 2021

Hi everybody, since yesterday Publish0x messed with my article resulting in no views, I will repost today the winners of the giveaway:

Ionstien  - 5d5ru.wam wins the Mooner #7



anhnghn - 4ims4.wam wins the Mooner #9



seaticket - qtsay.wam wins the Mooner #26


Congratulations, the winners will get their NFTs today!

Don't worry if you didn't win this time, a total of 20 generations are planned for a final number of 1000 different characters. There will be a giveaway for each generation, so there are lots of chances to win!

Legendary Mooners


The auctions for the 2 Legendary Mooners are LIVE! The starting price is very low, 10WAX (about 2$), so don't miss your chance to get one!

These are the direct links to place your bids. 



For more unfo and updates about the project, take a look at the (almost invisible) article from yesterday.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this post will reach more people than the one from yesterday, and I apologize if someone already read that one resulting in double content. 

To the Moon Stones!



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Moon Stones Collection
Moon Stones Collection

Moon Stones Collection is an upcoming graphic adventure rpg game on the WAX blockchain. The main characters will be 1000 different collectible NFT cards, hand drawn and minted in 1 copy only. Available on AtomicHub. Collect your Mooners!

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