Shiba Inu Coin(SHIB): There’s A New Doggo In Town

By mikehicks83 | MoneyMike83 | 12 May 2021




What’s up guys! It’s been a few weeks since I checked in. I hope all of y’all did ok with DogeCoin this past weekend and hopefully took some profits before the Saturday Night Live Massacre. I cashed out a good bit, and put 80% of my profits into ETHEREUM, and then staked most of that into ETHEREUM 2 on CoinBase for that 6% Staking Bonus. Doge was very good to me, and I’m still not completely abandoning the old boy. I got back in Saturday at .44 cents(USD) and nice to see it still hovering just over .50 cents, currently. It’s crazy that even with all the hype, and the absurd % that it dropped, DogeCoin’s floor is still well above .40 cents. “Amazing” is probably a better word than “Crazy!” So maybe it’ll make another run towards a dollar, at any given time. With DOGE, the community is it’s biggest X-Factor. Maybe even more so than it’s biggest fan, Elon Musk. 



I digress, but I’m not here to talk about Doge, I’m here to contribute to the new hype train. A coin that I’ve read is being nicknamed, the Doge-Killer! I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of that Moniker, but here’s to hoping SHIBA-INU coin follows a similar and just as unbelievable trajectory, as the currency it’s mascot is imitating.



Well, to put it bluntly, it’s probably just a rock-hair above being a “Meme-Coin.” Admittedly, it seems like the biggest marketing push for SHIB is, it’s “The Next Doge-Coin!” It’s an ERC-20 token that runs on the ETH network. It has a market cap of just over an 11.5 Billion dollars (according to Crypto Dot Com Info), and over the past 3 days, the 24 hour Volume is averaging well over $8-Billion USD. It seems that although there is a large supply, it’s not infinite like DogeCoin. And it’s currently trading at .00003110. That’s up considerably from when I first got in very early Sunday Morning (5/9/21) at a cost of .00001440. At this moment, you can purchase 1 million shares for under $33 USD. 



Perhaps you’ve heard of Vitalik Buterin? He’s been in the news quite a bit lately because of his massive wealth in Cryptocurrencies, but more importantly, he’s one of the founding Fathers of ETHEREUM.  




96ab7f6bbc637309e7465488a895614a7e471422233646da15804145061c1899.jpg   He currently holds about 50% of the worlds supply of SHIB. I feel like given his reputation, he’s not gonna be the kind of Whale manipulating things against us little people. There’s a good chance he’ll burn a lot of his stake, and the value for all of us, will increase. I have a lot of hope that SHIB will kind of garner the same feel as the DogeCoin community. An overall positive vibe, plus the potential to make a shit ton of money!    

EDIT: Just after writing this, Vitalik Buterin donated his entire stake in SHIB to the COVID relief efforts in India. Even if I lose every penny in this project, I feel VERY GOOD about that! 



I’ve been dealing exclusively with Crypto Dot Com since it got listed this past Saturday. It was the one exchange that I was already on and didn’t have to wait and play the verification game, PLUS, if you sign up using my referral code, you will get a $25 USD bonus, and that’s just about enough to obtain 1-million SHIB for damn near free!   


Use my referral link.....and be sure to type in (kgmd5c4zhu) where it asks for “Referral Code” because I don’t think it does this automatically. It’s the only way you’ll get that free $25.


So I’m partial and more familiar with Crypto Dot Com, but you can also purchase SHIB on...


Uniswap, BitMart, Binance(listed as of Sunday 5/9/21), Huobi Global, KuCoin, CoinEx, HotBit, and 1 Inch Exchange.

It’s not yet listed on CoinBase, but I suspect it will be soon enough, as well as most other major exchanges.    There are no guarantees obviously, but given what we witnessed with DogeCoin’s success, you can invest a little bit of money here, that could potentially be life changing.    So here’s to us, hoping we’ll meet up in Tampa or Miami later this year, sipping Mimosas from our Yacht, discussing that Wednesday when you bought 3 million SHIB for $100.   

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