Part 2: Passive Income Faucets.....Since DogeCoin is going psycho right now

By mikehicks83 | MoneyMike83 | 14 Apr 2021

At the time I’m publishing this, DOGE is currently setting at 14 cents. Not far from it’s All Time High of 14.9 cents.    That’s a good boy! This is the way!  



While most of you were sleeping in the USA between midnight and 3am (NYC time), the beloved Doge took an approximate 5 cent leap, from .09 cents to the beginnings of .15. I think it’s safe to say it finally broke out of the purgatory like loop, where it would pump/dump between .049 and .063, rinse and repeat almost weekly. Well finally, the Doge put on his Jordan’s and started levitating, Holmes!   So in the spirit of my favorite faucets and sites to help you earn passive income, albeit small, these are beautiful tools to generate a little bit of capital, and flip it to the Moon. Hey, remember that time when DogeCoin was trading for .002 cents, not even 4 months ago? Well with a few Satoshi’s you earned on these faucets over a few weeks, you can plant that seed and watch it grow exponentially. I’m gonna list my 3 favorite DogeCoin faucets, that actually pay, so that you can cash out, buy yourself some Doge’s, do only good every day, perhaps donate some of your profits to your favorite charity, and know, this is the way!

1. GetDoge

getdoge referral link, and spin ever 5 mins!  

You can spin the faucet once every 5 minutes. You’ll average at least 1 Satoshi per spin, but don’t be surprised when you end up hitting for 5 or 10 most times. There’s usually 10 “Paid to Click” ads, and a ton of short link and survey opportunities each day. The withdrawal threshold is 15 Doge(so LOL, by the time this thing lands on the moon, they may need to lower that a tad bit.) I cashed out just over 21 Doggos last week, directly to my DogeCoin wallet, but there is also the option to withdrawal directly to your FaucetPay wallet. It took me just under 3 weeks to accumulate the threshold.   


2.) FaucetDog

Faucet Dog Referral Link. Every 5 mins!  


This one is relatively new, and a lot of fun. There’s a few addicting gambling games, and the faucet runs every 5 minutes. Also available are surveys, PTC ads, and Short Links. The payout threshold is relatively low, so you only need to earn $3 USD before you can cash out directly to your respective Doge wallet. I’m currently using Exodus for my Doge’s. Which by the way reminds me.... DogeCoin could very well be listed on CoinBase very soon. 



Free Doge, 1 time every hour!  

This one is a very simple, roll the dice type faucet, once every hour. You can win up to $300 per spin, and twice now, I have rolled a $3 Banger! And in the faucet world, hitting a $3 lick all at once is like an impromptu spin on a roulette wheel where you randomly take home like $200. A lovely feeling for sure! There are surveys available as well, and the withdrawal threshold is a bit steep, but obtainable at 100 Doge.   


Thank You for your time! Please use my referral links if you decide to sign up for any of the above faucets..... and quite honestly, if you aren’t doing that 1st one(BITCOINPTC.TOP), you certainly aren’t maxing out your free money potential. So check those out, as well as my last few blogs.   

Let’s make this money together!   

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