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Pi: A new, cutting edge crypto currency that’s preparing for a moon launch later this year.

By mikehicks83 | MoneyMike83 | 8 Apr 2021


This one I’m pretty GD excited about. The only other time I got in on the ground floor of such a promising crypto currency project, I was lazy and slept on the opportunity, thinking I still have all the time in the world to make this happen.... then 9 short months later, I watched as several of the people that started off with me, developed pretty decent little nest eggs, by just doing the bare minimum each day, helping to contribute, maintain and develop that respective ecosystem. I promised I wouldn’t miss the next boat, and this one is looking like that Yacht from “Wolf of Wallstreet”. 


Step 1: Simply download the ap, use my referral code...


Step 2: Nobody really knows what step 2 is.   

Step 3: Profit! 


In all seriousness, this new Pi network is a very exciting Digital Currency project that will keep crypto mining easy and accessible to us laymen, as the older/1st generations centralization like Bitcoin is soooo far out of reach for most of us, typically. This is the perfect project for those of us that know a little bit about the crypto universe, but learn a whole lot more each day, but maybe even better for the ones that know Jack Shit about any of this, but again, just wanna get in on the ground floor of something so easy, with literally no risk, and at the cost of lifting 1 finger to press a button every 24 hours. That’s it. 


SO EASY.....

My dad can do it. And he just got his 1st smartphone in 2019. It’s efficient and very easy to maintain. As soon as you sign up using my referral code, (This is that opportunity bell ringing again) you are now labeled as a Pioneer. Now, like I mentioned above, you literally mash a button once every 24 hours, and if you do nothing else you start accumulating Pi at a rate of about .10(or 1/10th if you prefer fractions or whatever) every hour, or roughly 2.4 Pi’s a day. BUT, you can raise that number easily and exponentially by starting your own team. As soon as you sign up a new pioneer or 2, and confirm them into your security circle, you are now promoted to “Contributor!” Now you start contributing the shit out of some free Pi, and your mining operation increases by .02, every hour, for every person in your security circle. Once you’ve recruited 4-5 pioneers of your own, and confirmed your BFF’s to your security circle, you are a Mother Effing AMBASSADOR, and you’re mining another .10 Pi per person. Your mining potential is limitless. I’m just a socially inept dude, with very few friends, and only 3 days into it, I’ve recruited 6 pioneers and confirmed 4 of them into my security circle, and I’m mining about .40 an hour. 

I’m looking forward to you joining my circle, watching you create your own circle, and mining the shit out of this Pi. Changelly predicts the price of Pi could already be a dollar a coin by the time it’s publicly exchanged later this year, in 2021. The 2025 prospectus has it possibly hitting 5+ dollars. So start today, and doing just the bare minimum by inviting a few friends, and mashing the button once every 24 hours, you’re gonna mine 10 or so Pi a day. I’m not a Rocket Appliancist, but if this thing just dollars out by the end of this year, then you’ve made approximately a shit ton of money. You can just sit back and potentially accumulate $10 USD a day, for this entire operation. And again, that’s just doing the bare minimum. If you wanna go as hard in the paint as I am, I’m trying to up those numbers to at least, WAY FREAKING MORE! 

This is how people like you and I that work our asses off at a full time job, making other people wealthy, accumulate our own wealth!  So accept my invite, and let’s start picking out Lambo’s or at least a moderately priced Camry or Altima here in a few years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go try on some moon boots for my flight later this year. You coming with? 

Gonna post this link one more time, so that your future self will thank you!

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