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I started my journey as a writer online about four months ago in January 2022. Along the way, I tried out several platforms where I could publish my writing and earn a little change by doing so. One of the platforms that stood out to me was

I originally posted this on Medium for an audience that's not so familiar with cryptocurrencies. But if you have not heard about the platform this still might be interesting. is an online writing platform on which you can monetize your writing. Unlike on Medium, the payments are processed in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to be precise. There are no membership fees. And the process is straightforward and easy.

What’s great about for beginners is the fact that you can easily get paid for your articles even without any following if your writing is good. More about this further down.

There are writers focusing on various different topics. And any topic you write about will do. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing personal stories, writing fiction, or sharing your knowledge. If you like what you do, you will do well on the platform.


On you get paid in Bitcoin Cash. In cryptocurrency terms, Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin. Some would say that Bitcoin cash is all that Bitcoin was originally supposed to be, and others strongly disagree. But for the purpose of using the platform it doesn’t really matter nor do you need to understand what a hard fork means.

All you need to know is how to store, transfer and exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies (dollars, euros, pesos, etc).

More on this and how to get your money out further down.

Tips/Sponsorships and The Random Reward Bot

There are several ways you can get paid for your writing on When you start out on the platform pay attention to the notifications button. There will be a lot of useful and easy-to-understand information about how the platform works.


You can tip other writers on the platform. And you can also receive tips from other readers and writers. The community is fairly active and there even is a section for all the first posts so newcomers get noticed.

All the tips are processed on the BCH network and go straight to your wallet. There are no minimum payouts and nothing like that.


You can also include a block of sponsors in your articles. Other users can use this to promote their own work in your articles. If someone decides to sponsor you, they need to pledge an amount of monthly payment that gets automatically transferred to your wallet each month. In exchange, their picture with a link gets shown in the sponsor's block of your articles.

You can either accept or refuse these sponsorships.

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The sponsors who pay the most get larger pictures on the sponsor's block.

The Random Rewarder

The Random Rewarder is a bot that reads through articles posted on and tips the writers depending on the quality of the writing. It’s great when you start out because you can get noticed by the bot even if you don’t have any followers.

One of my earliest articles on the platform got tipped over $10 by TheRandomRewarder bot even when I didn’t have almost any followers on the platform. Here you can read more about the bot.

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Cryptocurrency wallet safety is guaranteed by cryptography. And each wallet has a recovery/seed phrase 12 words, in some cases more than that. It is very important to keep this phrase safe. And it’s advised not to store it digitally on devices that connect to the internet.

If someone gets the seed phrase of your wallet, they are in full control of the funds in the wallet. wallet

When you sign up to a wallet is automatically created for you. All you need to do is write down the seed phrase and store it safely. But it is not advised to keep a lot of money in this wallet.

The wallet is also browser-based. If you log in to your account from another device or even a different browser, you will need to restore the wallet by entering your seed phrase to access your funds.

Getting the money out

The easiest route to convert your Bitcoin cash into fiat currencies would be to transfer the funds from your wallet to an exchange like Coinbase. And then exchanging your crypto for fiat.

Once you are on the exchange you simply need to find the receive button and choose the correct asset. In this case its Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Screenshot by Author from Coinbase

Make sure you do this step correctly. As funds will be lost if you don’t choose the right asset for the transaction. Copy your BCH address from the exchange. And go back to

Screenshot by Author

Choose the send my money option from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot by Author

Then choose the amount you wish to withdraw and paste the BCH address from your exchange. From there you can easily convert it to fiat and cash out. If using Coinbase make sure to use Coinbase Pro to exchange your currencies as the fees are significantly better but you still use the same account.

You can also decide to hold on to your Bitcoin cash and store it in a different wallet. But then you probably already know what to do.


The early stages of writing online may feel a lot like shouting into an echo chamber. It’s not easy to get noticed, grow a following, or earn money. And has been rewarding as a platform for me during the early stages of writing online. Because the community felt very welcoming. And getting noticed by The Random Rewarded bot while I had very few followers and making a couple of dollars for my articles was motivating to keep going.

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