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I know identified an innovative solution to one of the LARGEST GROWING GLOBAL RESOURCE requirements in the market today, which this requirement is currently huge and is growing exponentially year after year with no real solution in prospect  for provision currently available. GAIMIN.IO, have not only identified the issue, the requirement, and the demand but also have also managed to formulate a profitable solution to the on-going problem.

The Problem

We will all agree the below fact that:

A Gamer’s “Big Problem”: - Gaming is an expensive hobby. In-built obsolete means continual upgrades to hardware and software, in addition to ongoing costs for new games and in-game purchases.

- Typical costs include gaming PCs and accessories, games and related game specific costs. A typical gaming setup can cost $2000, not including ongoing and constant in-game purchases.

The Solution


Currently, I found out that there are 1.3 billion PC gamers globally. Approximately 400 million of them have what can be considered an advanced GPU (graphics processing card for use with PC gaming). These graphics cards have such a powerful processing capacity they have been described by Jensen Huang, founder, president and CEO of Nvidia as a “supercomputer”. He literally said “Every gamer has a supercomputer in their PC” Such a high powered GPU can typically cost $500 each (and upwards). This means the global gaming community has approximately $200 billion of high powered computer processing hardware currently (400 million X $500= $200 Billion) by my calculation, which sits dormant for (on average) more than 20 hours or more a day depending on my activity plan per day.

The platform offers a solution to one of the gamers’ biggest problems; that of how I can fund my gaming experience. It is free to download, install and use. The user never has to enter any payment information. There is a payment subscription, however it is only applied to users who ”earn” rewards, it is only ever a fraction of their earned rewards, and it is paid automatically in GMRX tokens from the gamer’s wallet. Therefore, the software is effectively free to use.

351665157-272a24150e9ef9ace233130fbf47e871a57595b852cb77778209a45d5bbdd2ac.pngGaimin Mining Platform

Gamers have very powerful and valuable computing resources which are often idle. The platform allows for automated, passive monetization of these resources when they are not being used.

  1. Gamers invest significant money in the GPU “chips” that power their expensive gaming computers. Yet even hardcore “Fortnite” players tend to leave their gaming rigs on idle for a significant part of each day. This means they have high powered resources, like their GPU processing capability, sitting idle for a large number of hours each day (on average), which offers a perfect opportunity for passive monetization.
  2. Gamer’s PC are connected to the Internet by high-speed connections which allow their processing power to easily be aggregated to the “ Processing Power Supply Network” ready for monetization.
  3. io can then monetize this GPU power when it is not being used, without affecting gaming performance, and reward the gamer with purchasing power in the form of the native GMRX crypto token which is directly spendable on gaming items in the built-in digital marketplace and online community.
  4. Gamers can utilize their contacts via chat and social media and gaming “channels” via the “Network Expansion Program” referral system and be rewarded with an ongoing 10% of the hash power contribution of anyone they refer. By simply referring just 10 additional gamers this effectively doubles the users hash contribution and accordingly their rewards.
  5. No ongoing effort or knowledge is needed by the gamer. A gamer only has to download and install the platform and tell some friends! No knowledge needed. The A.I. handles all aspects of monetization.
  6. The software detects when the gamer’s GPU is not being used and auto-activates, connecting the resource to the “ Processing Power Supply Network.” When the GPU is needed again by the gamer the software auto-disconnects and enters “sleep-mode.” Therefore at no time does the software affect a gamer’s PC performance when gaming.
  7. The desktop software encourages the gamer to leave his PC turned on when he is not active via “functional mining”, which consists of the use of visual goals (purchases possible from the marketplace and time needed to achieve them), and gamification (instant gratification) rewards. Both of these strategies are used with great success generally in the gaming industry.
  8. The software doesn’t overclock or use any other such practices which may cause any further degradation to the user’s gaming PC than would playing any of the most popular online games

The Plan

“Computer Processing Power = High-Value Commodity” To create the world's most powerful, decentralized supercomputer - by harnessing the dormant computer resources of the global gaming community. And we need to do “Passive Autonomic Monetization For Gamers” To become the “Uber” of processing power - passively monetizing a gamer's high powered computer resources when not in use and rewarding them with the purchasing power to fund their gaming experience.

The goal of is to connect this vast, dormant supply of GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community, with the rapidly growing, worldwide demand for massive processing power. Gamers will be rewarded by participating in our “processor power supply network” with a blockchain based crypto token they can use to spend on their in-game purchases, directly in our marketplace and via our network of gaming partnerships.


  • Gaming is a global phenomenon, with more than 100 countries having significant gaming activity, including Nigeria and then spread to other African community of Nations.
  • Gaming is a $138 billion industry and the largest entertainment market on the planet. Almost ⅓ of the world's population is a “gamer”/online betting gamer.
  • According to Newzoo gamer stats: "Consumers are spending more than ever on gaming as it rapidly becomes the world’s leading pastime."
  • “E-Sports” (pro-gaming) is predicted to become the #1 entertainment sport of the future, currently having a 33% annual growth rate.
  • VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augment Reality) games set to reach potential in 4-5 years, this is fueling higher powered GPUs
  • There are an estimated 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the world today, and the numbers are growing.

That is why the software platform has been designed to aggregate user processing power (hash rate or hash power) from the user’s GPU (graphics card) and direct to this processing power to potential monetization options including the two main initial methods of:

- Confirming and validating blockchain transactions (blockchain “mining”)

- CGI rendering : A user (gamer) is rewarded for connecting their own PC’s processing power to the “ Processing Power Supply Network” via the GMRX native blockchain token which he can be used in the community for “user-to-user” transactions (buy, sell, rent) and on the marketplace to purchase digital gaming assets. In order to develop the software to its current Alpha phase and test the platform with real-world data, the development team focused fully on blockchain mining for monetization. This allowed to fully test the concept via a 100 user Alpha test which provided sufficient real-world data to verify the project concept.

Token Details

The GMRX Utility Token

GMRX is a token with the sole function of being a digital utility token which powers the Gaimin platform rewards, marketplace and community.

1) Round Structure - Total Token Supply Fixed at: 5,000,000,000

- Total Tokens to be Sold via Token Sale Events (20%): 1,000,000,000

- Initial Token Sale Price: $0.10 USD / Token Gaimin will operate multiple rounds for token buyers privately and publicly through token sale events, full details still to be determined.

 Project Softcap: $10 million USD Project Hardcap: $100 million USD





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