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By Intrinsically | Money Miser | 28 Mar 2022

Several years ago apps were in development to gain more insights on consumers while providing some type of incentive. A majority of these apps offered what they call 'cashback' or by providing you with options to 'cash out' by getting gift cards or VISA debit cards. I have downloaded almost every app that offers rewards for purchases. My last phone I had to get rid of almost every app I could just to have them all downloaded. I've compared them, I've sorted through which ones I use and don't use. Out of all of the apps I use I would have to say that Fetch Rewards is at the top of my list. 

Fetch Rewards is similar to other cashback apps, if you are familiar with them. You scan receipts and get rewarded. Fetch Rewards is unique that they accept receipts from more than just your average retailer. You can also get rewarded for your dining receipts, gas receipts, and e-receipts as well. 

Easy as 1-2-3

Then you start earning points. Fetch Rewards provides bonus points for buying featured brand products. The great thing is that you don't have to add each offer, unlike other apps. Fetch automatically recognizes a particular brand or item on your receipts and provides you with the bonus being offered at that time. No more scrolling through pages and pages of offers if you don't want to. 

Another great way to earn points through Fetch Rewards is by connecting it to ONE Finance app. Which alone gives you 5,000 points. purchase that you make with your ONE debit card provides you with points on your Fetch Rewards account. Even better than that, ONE offers the ability to earn up to 3% interest rates on your savings. I will go over many more of the great things that ONE has to offer in a different post. POST LINK

After you start earning points you're going to want to spend them. There are many tiers of rewards from 3k up 50k worth of points. Rewards are created for you in the form of a gift card. Fetch Rewards has so many retailers to choose from, that there are some I've never even heard of. You can even opt for a simple VISA debit gift card. These rewards are virtual so that makes for instant spending.


Signing up is easy. If you use my referral code or click this link. You'll get an extra 2,000 points. That's already over 2/3 of the way to your first gift card. 




And if you haven't done it yet. Sign up to start earning for reading blogs.

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