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ONE Finance App | Earn up to 3% Interest on Savings with Extra Opportunities to Earn!

By Intrinsically | Money Miser | 28 Mar 2022

I stumbled along this app when I was scanning receipts. You can learn about earning points to spend towards gift cards in my post about Fetch Rewards. And learned that not only can I earn extra points on my app, but I can also earn a pretty great interest rate at that. 

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ONE Finance is an app that is on a mission to simplify banking and get people earning more money, building better credit, and take an overall control of their finances in one app. What stood out to me the most. Is the average interest rate on the savings account. 1%! That's higher than the federal rate and pretty much any other institute out there. What's the catch? It's only up to the first $5,000. But hey 1% on $5,000... Not complaining.

What's great, is that by setting up direct deposit or utilizing round ups from your ONE card money gets put in a side savings account called Auto Save. This account has an APY of 3%. Also by setting up direct deposit, it qualifies you to change that $5k limit to $25k.  I don't know about you, but I could most definitely use 1% APY on $25,000.

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ONE Finance has everything that you need for general banking. Direct deposit can be set up on the app or you can find your routing number and account number and set it up through your employer. Because they have no actual locations their app does have remote check deposits. The fossil fuel free deposits might not matter to you, but let me tell you that they do. Along with an FDIC-insured approval. So feel good about for multiple reasons when storing your money here.

When you download the ONE Finance app you will also have access to your credit score for free. It updates fairly regularly, and from my experience it has been pretty accurate. It's nice to see the score when scrolling through app to seeing how your balance has grown. With that said it also gives you a snapshot of your available points from the Fetch Rewards app.

It takes about 3-4 business days for the transactions to clear. Which can be a drag for some I realize. But if you're like me that keeps money in several places it's not to bad. So word of advice is be patient. Customer service is fairly quick to respond if you do happen to run into any issues along the way. 

A credit line is available that doesn't pull your credit to get and automatically determines higher limits based on how much is deposited into your account on a consistent basis. Another great feature that hardly any finance anything offers that One does is the ability to build your credit history that is separate from your line of credit. 

Need an overall comparison. I pulled this directly from their website just to give you a basic idea. 

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If you use my referral link.

You can get a free $50 deposited into your account.  So go ahead click away, start earing up to 3% on a free $50. 



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