5 USEFUL websites you should be using in 2020

Hello guys,

I've several website recommendations for each of you. Each of them can be very useful. Here we go:

Have I been Pwned


This is a place where you can search your e-mail and check if it was leaked somewhere over the years in one of the many hacks happening all over the internet. Usually how it goes - a website is hacked and lists of accounts and their passwords are obtained by a 3th party. Often those are being sold on the Dark Web and hackers are trying to use the same password associated with your account on other websites. The recommendation in such cases is to change your password asap. Additional functionality is to subscribe for a notification if your e-mail is leaked in any future hacks so you have heads up. I really do not know how those people are getting their information, however I can say that it is working. I checked few of my mails and one of them had leaked years ago and the other didn't. The one that had leaked was on familiar websites that I was actively using.




This is a service owned by Google that let's the users to scan files and URLs with all the available Antiviruses on the market. Of course you should not use that instead of having AV installed on your PC. But it's good idea to check links, files that you suspect and are not sure about. For example I have just checked Publishox URL and it came as clean :)


The best part is that this is a completely free service.


Get Human


I'm pretty sure each of us has been at least once frustrated by the fact that when calling customer service he is only connected to robot with options that cannot really help you. Get Human will let you search a company and provide you the shortest combination of numbers to press so you will be connected to a human representative. 


Down for Everyone or Just Me


It's a website where you can check the availability of a website. Point is, if sometime for some reason you are unable to open a website you can check here if this is only problem for you or it's down for everyone. 


10 minute mail


This a website that provides users with temporary e-mail that lasts 10 minutes. This is useful for those pesky websites that you suspect might start spamming you with adds and other crap that you don't need.


I really think this list is useful, especially for people who are weary for their privacy. It gives some tools that in this day and age can really give at least little peace of mind when it comes to being exposed to different kind of online threats - either being spam, hacks, phishing or simply wasting your time.

Anyway, I hope this has been useful guys. Have a great day.

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I really enjoy Publish0x!

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