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By mondroid | Mondroid Splinterlands | 2 Mar 2022


Hello everyone! If this is your first time reading one of my posts I have been playing Splinterlands since January 7th 2022. I'm a competitive player and love playing Tournaments and doing recaps of them. I don't have a ton of cards yet but my plan is to re-invest whatever I earn from playing the game, tournaments, and blogging to grow my card collection and eventually reach bigger and better things.

If that sounds fun and interesting to you feel free to leave a like / follow and would love for you to come along on my journey!

This weeks battle challenge will be featuring Chaos Knight from the Life Splinter. Chaos Knight is a card I want to like. I think it's so close to being really good but falls just a little bit short in the end.



For 6 mana, you get 2 damage, 2 speed, 3 armor, and 4 health with the Shield Ability. The problem with Chaos Knight is that it's not beefy enough to be a tank but at only 2 damage and 2 speed it's not a strong damage dealer either. It's a jack of all trades, master of none and in a game with as many options as Splinterlands has you can usually find a better tank or if you already have a tank, a better damage dealer at that mana cost.

Chaos Knight absolutely HATES magic damage. The Shield ability does nothing against it and with only 4 health it can be taken out in just a couple shots, especially from Alric or Obsidian's monsters.

Things don't get much better at higher levels as Chaos Knight only ever gets up to 6 health which won't out scale monster damage. At level 9 the Inspire ability is unlocked so maybe there is some more utility there as more of a support monster.

With that said, there are a few rulesets to look out for where Chaos Knight can become incredibly powerful and one of those will be featured in the battle I want to show you.

No Magic - This rule is especially good for Chaos Knight as you're guaranteed to get some benefit out of the shield ability and the armor.

Weak Magic - Similar to no magic in that you know your Chaos Knight won't just explode in two shots.

Melee Only - If it's melee only you probably won't be facing magic damage outside of Oaken Behemoth

Equal OpportunityMelee MayhemSuper Sneak - These allow melee to attack without having to be in the first position.

Equalizer - This is the one I'll feature in my battle. If you can bump Chaos Knight's health up due to the Equalizer rule it becomes significantly stronger.

The battle is from the N00B KOBOLD MINING EXPEDITION Tournament so I'll be very happy if Chaos Knight can bring me a win but am I fool for using it in such a competitive environment?




You Can Find The Battle Here



I feel there are two ways to play the Equalizer rule. Either you try to keep everything under let's say 4 health and hope your opponent plays something with high health which will bump all your guys up or you can strategically play a higher health monster along with a bunch of squishy guys to guarantee you benefit from a health bump.

In this case I did the latter. By playing War Chaang I knew I was bumping everything's health up to 8 at a minimum so my Chaos Knight, Pelacor Arbalest, Time Mage, etc would see decent health bumps.

General Sloan's Life Splinter can dish out more damage than just about any other Splinter in a Novice level tournament so I was fairly confident this was a good plan.

Let's go over the lineup.



Chaos Knight is up to 9 health and the Shield ability will pay off in spades now that I see my opponent's team. We have successfully eliminated one of this monster's main weaknesses.


War Chaang is an incredible monster with General Sloan because it is one of the only monsters with both ranged and melee attack. That means it benefits from the +1 archery but can transition to a melee unit once it hits the front line. He also attracts all the sniper fire from my opponents Boatman and Mantoid so it's not hitting the other valuable monsters.


Time Mage is a near must have monster because most of General Sloan's monsters lack speed and her slow ability reduces the enemies speed by 1. Because this is mostly a mirror match a lot of our monsters will always go first because of her.


Goblin Chariot is a solid archery unit so we bring it along. It's low health won't be a problem with Equalizer either.


Pelacor Arbalest is an incredible damage dealer with General Sloan as she has 3 attack and the Double Strike Ability! She also benefits heavily from the Equalizer ruleset.


Last but not least, Prismologist is another super strong Archery monster with the Blast ability which helps soften up the next monster in line.



You can see our strategy worked perfectly. Because of the Time Mage we do all of our attacks before the enemy team gets to attack. On top of that, my Chaos Knight is living a lot longer than the enemy team's Shieldbearer thanks to Equalizer and it's Shield ability and like we thought, the opponents Snipe strategy didn't really pay off.

This battle shows why I LOVE Splinterlands. In other card games, mediocre monsters just aren't going to see any play, especially not in a tournament setting like this. But because each battle has it's own ruleset, a card like Chaos Knight can become a hero, even if it is for only one battle and Shieldbearer is a better play the other 95% of the time.

I hope you enjoyed this battle recap and I want to thank the community for all the support I've received and advice I've been given about Splinterlands and my blog along the way. It is truly amazing to be a part of! ❤️



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Cya next time!

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