Orange Fronted Conures

By kennbmondo | MondoWorks | 19 Mar 2019

190903265-5f9f719576498c4dcd0dfae16a52aad8a0e38dd7db0b590f8d519586cf975a6e.jpegThe orange-fronted parakeet or orange-fronted conure (Eupsittula canicularis), also known as the half-moon conure, is a medium-sized parrot which is a resident from western Mexico to Costa Rica. It is found in lowlands and foothills on the Pacific side of the central mountain ranges in forest canopy and edges, and more open woodland, including savanna and second growth. The orange-fronted parakeet feeds in flocks which can reach 100 birds.  

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Artworks by Kenn Brown and Chris Wren

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