design a jewel in the 3D design program

By momoriso | MOMORISO | 14 Jan 2021

Today I wanted to talk about the design method for a 3D model in the CATIA program, color the design and give it simulations in the KeyShot program. Where, in general, I design models and draw them in an orthogonal shape (ox, oy) or (ox, oz) or (oy, oz). Then the drawing was given the third dimension to form a volume model. Then the material is added to or hidden from the object in the same way that we draw the object. I wanted to introduce you to some simple steps to designing a gem:




First step is to enter the CATIA program and choose to draw in space




Second step we draw a circle with a radius of sixty millimeters (you can choose the diameter you want)




Third step give a lift circle (120mm) to make it a cylinder   eb69e5249f26f911dcb0b96f7c0723efefe17592c2984bd1918892e3fc9b2db4.png       Fourth step it's back to the perpendicular characteristic (oy, oz) And we draw a line at an acute angle on the side of the cylinder.     02832ce28ccc1104d656ccfa5f6cdc6d6bb60960df4cd3297c32be5f87368788.png   51d94f7c6e574140d963fc25f1e33e31166a20c82a750ab1bfd977e0f62bcd05.png        


Fifth step Go back to space and choose to delete the volume according to the shape we draw Removal of size is in both directions.




Sixth step We copied the material removal process six times. the deflection angle each time is 60 degrees and the center of the copy operations is the center of the circle we draw at the beginning You can give any number that is not a condition 6 It is important to respect the declination angle each time If you want to copy the delete process N times, the copy angle will be 360 / N each time






Seventh step We open the design in the KeyShot program and give it the color of the glass, the lighting and the simulation of the movement.









the result




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