Uplanding On You (part 3 of series)

By MoJo410 | MoJo410 | 20 May 2021

Some further strategy in Upland that might help with hunting in the game.

  When purchasing properties in a city I have deployed two different kinds of techniques that seem to both have their own merit.

1 in Brooklyn I made a straight line threw the middle of the map (at first) and have been adding properties to for a giant cross or X if you will.  I have turned the city into a giant graph, if you will, and by having any two points on it I can get a pretty good idea as to where a treasure is by basically imagining the cross section of where the two arrows would meet. To the tune of getting a treasure in sometimes only three sends.

2 in Staten Island I have gone with a different technique where when I was purchasing properties I not only made sure have them be in each district, but also set up so that they all form triangles. This way here when I am hunting I can triangulate the position more precisely anywhere on the map.

Now are these always possible to do, obviously not as certain cities are just too expensive to be able to, but if you have the ability to, especially with the Bakersfield and Cleveland roll outs coming in the next few days it would make the game a lot more interesting. Let's face it everything is more fun if you feel your winning and/or getting free stuff which also makes the times you don't easy to roll of and not worry about because you know you're gonna be getting another win down the road.

Techniques on buying and selling:

In buying (non FSA properties) I like to use a simple and basic square footage(the size of the given property) to monthly earnings, just divide the monthly earnings by the square footage (so 20UPX a month/property size 10 = 2) and just use that number to determine whether or not something is a good buy compared to other purchases you have made. Or it cost you thismuchUPX to earn thismuch per size of a property then whatever you have to multiply the UPX number to be equal to the purchase price just multiply the earnings number per size by the same number and you now have something to compare to.

  Now yes it can get slightly more complicated once you add boosted earnings, or if it will fulfill a collection, but all relatively easy things to use in the same equation by just using the boosted earnings as the original number (make sure you can actually fulfill the collection first though and remember if you're saving to make your collections official for an event, or minus the UPX bonus for the fulfilled collection from the purchase price of said property and use that number is all.

  Also those things should actually make you really happy, at least for me it did as there finally was a point to having had to take certain math classes in middle school and highschool, it's about time!

Now as for selling I just look at the properties in the neighborhood that are up for sale and if I would be happy with selling the property I have for 500-1000UPX less than what they have theirs up for, but getting also getting me a gain of at least double my initial purchase then I will put it up. Otherwise I won't and just will let someone make the offer to me, which I get about 1-2 offers a week currently.

And we will leave it at that for now just in case anyone's head is hurting from having to do math, don't want to over stay my proverbial welcome, but thanks for stopping in, comments and questions as always are always welcome. Till next time Uplanders.

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