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Exploring Earth's Vibes with Natasha

By DorkStar | Mods of the Gods | 4 Jul 2021


Schumann Resonance Explorers is an emergent community of spiritually and cosmically aware folks. Quite literally, cosmic- as in dealing with cosmic and solar radiation. Do you have a friend that is "moon sensitive"? Well, some people may be Schumann sensitive. Do you have weird moods or pains or wake up for no reason? It might be Schumann related. The only way to find out more is to join Natasha Koshinka’s 1k subscriber-strong channel and the associated chat channels modded by this interesting lady.

“I opened the Schumann channel maybe in the beginning of March or so. We were mostly talking through the comments on the channel till I disconnected from the chat part of the channel and lost all the comments where people spoke about the symptoms, I was like oh no all those symptom descriptions!!! It happened the day before the lunar eclipse and that’s when I opened the new chat.
It felt like it was meant to be and like it was a fresh start, a new slate.”

Schumann Resonance is a curious discovery of radio frequency researchers who first theorized the concept in the 1950’s then confirmed it in the 60s. You probably didn’t hear about it because of all the other space stuff going on in the 60s.

The Schumann Resonance is the result of radio waves emitted from lightning strikes reflected off the Earth’s ionosphere. You know how the Greenhouse Effect is caused by heat radiating off of the Earth being reflected back? It’s like that but with some very low frequency radio waves. The lowest is 8 cycles per second (Hertz). For a comparison, FM radio operates at about 100,000 cycles per second (100kHz).

Merely detecting this low frequency requires special equipment. The only observatory dedicated to measuring the SR is in Siberia. Feel free to check the recent activity here (yes, it is in Russian, but Google Translate does a pretty good job. No, Putin will not be asking you for campaign contributions). Research of the the SR is slow in coming and it’s citizen scientists like us that might find some amazing insights into how this impacts humanity.


Analysis of SR spikes

The airwaves are usually calm but we (everyone on Earth) is subject to these spectacular spikes in magnitude across the four main bands of the SR. “Everybody is definitely Schumann sensitive to a point. I mean, everyone has different reactions. When your DNA is downloading information, that’s when you feel extra tired.” She goes on to explain that when the Schumann Resonance spikes, increasing up to 80x the calm background amplitude, your Earthly body is receiving information from a higher source. After each spike, the body takes time to assimilate this download and this fatigues us.

So where there is a spike or there isnt your unexplained fatigue may not be a simple case of The Mondays. “If you are going out to nature to ground yourself, you are helping your body heal.” Natasha says, recommending an organic diet, spending time in nature and generally being aware of yourself as you move through your mental and physical world. “If you are limited in being able to do that you can always buy a grounding mat or grounding sheet for your bed.” She also recommends “The Grounding Movie” for more info.

For her, it means she has to protect the group as a mod to allow for the best community possible in the chat group “I feel very protective over the people in the channel, I want people to feel safe when they are in the chat”.

Grounding aside, if Natasha is feeling fatigued it might be because she is involved in some other amazing communities such as running Connecting Ascending Ones, a base to connect and create their own chats of those on the journey of spiritual awakenings. She started her own New York Awakens “it’s really cool. One of the people is in my neighborhood. And we are both friends now and we are both awakened.”
“I feel like a lot of folks that are just in general- sensitive- are moon sensitive. I feel that just humans in general are moon sensitive. They are just not aware of it.” I have to pause to agree.

Do you know the phase of the moon right now? Perhaps if you kept a log of your moods and sensitivities, you might discover a correlation that would be obvious if you were more in tune with natural cycles. I haven't found a strong correlation in any one aspect of my life, but if I find myself in a bad mood, I go searching for the moon cycle or sunspots or the Schumann Resonance. I can blame my mood on at least one of these.
“From what I understand, it’s not just electromagnetic (EM) sensitivity (this is just my opinion), but the moon kind of magnetizes and what comes to the surface is all this unhealed stuff to be dealt with to be healed- emotional stuff or traumas or parasites- everything is effected during this extra magnetizing period of the full moon. So everybody in my opinion, get effected whether they know it or not.”

This awakening is spreading. Folks add their own analysis in the chat channel. Members have chimed in on a recent snapshot of the Schumann chart after a big spike. “New information coming in increases awareness and self-control.
Now we take a breath before we react."

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