VET: A lifetime opportunity that may make you rich

VET: A lifetime opportunity that may make you rich

By ModernEuler | Moderncrypto | 1 Jul 2019

Hi guys. Today I want to share my thoughts on Vechain (VET token).


The VeChain Thor ecosystem consists of VET (VeChain) and VTHO (VeThor token). VET is mother cryptocurrency that produces a separate token called VTHO which is used for all the transactions made on the VeChain blockchain.

VeChain is a smart contract, dApp blockchain. They are focusing on supply chain industryz (tracking authenticity, shipping, ownership and history etc.)

They have a long list of partnerships from BMW to BYD, Bright Food, PWC, DB Schenker, DHL, the business giant DNV GL (A global assurance company with headquarters in Norway)

VeChain moved to its own mainnet in June the 30th 2018. They are focusing on transaction per second, 

cryptocurrency projects that ran on VeChain:

  • Plair for E-Sport and video-gaming.
  • as a cryptocurrency exchange and asset management platform 
  • Cahrenheit for the automotive aftermarket economy.
  • Safe Haven for the inheritance of passphrases, bank accounts, social media accounts and cryptocurrency.
  • Cecil Alliance for collecting, tracking, and transacting of animal data for animal based industries, ultimately advancing animal welfare and species conservation.

(view for detailed analysis)

Now, let's look at the VETBTC pair on Binance.



VET is as of now valued at $ 0.008298 and 0,00000075 BTC after rebouncing from 57 satoshis.

So, it's really undervalued in terms of Bitcoin (bottomed at $0,0032 on December 12,2018 and has been increasing since then)


Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve found it helpful.


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