Bitcoin halving

By ModernEuler | Moderncrypto | 10 Feb 2019

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This is my first post on So, let's try it. 

We are approaching to the end of one of the longest bear market in crypto. But crypto projects are trying to get mass adoption by working very hard to improve its technology etc. 

But we are each day, approaching oneof the major event in crypto space: bitcoin halving. 

You can track it from here: You can reach some information about this major event like the definition of halving. 

In 2009, block reward was 50 btc. However, every 4 years, the mining block reward declines by half. Currently, it is 12.5 btc. So, next year it will decrease to 6.25 btc. So, Bitcoin will be less scarce relatively. So, it is expected to have a major implication on price.

Historically, this effect will be priced one year before halving. 

So, Be carefull about it. 


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