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By Dr.Mayhem | Mobile Based Crypto | 27 Feb 2021

  •     We all enjoy watching a live stream here or there.  I usually watch most from my mobile device.  Live streaming has become a beast of its own in entertainment and on the internet lately.  It’s well known that famous streamers can make good money producing content, but did you know you can earn crypto while watching streamers?  

    Theta TV is a straming platform built on a unique blockchain system.  It gains streaming efficiency from both content creators and users.  This means both ends get reimbursed for their time on the server.  By watching streams on your mobile device you can earn system coins and sometimes even Tfuel.  System coins are used to enter raffles for prizes and Tfuel.  Tfuel is one of the cryptocurrencies utilized in the Theta blockchain.  Tfuel is currently listed on some exchanges meaning is has a monitary value attached to it.  This means you could potentially earn money while watching some live streams if you do so on Theta Tv.

Here is a link to the theta streaming platform to create your own crypto/prize earning profile.


Other links for free mobile crypto earning.
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Mobile Based Crypto
Mobile Based Crypto

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