🔴How to stake & EARN $WAGMI (Euphoria) Harmony $ONE DEFI

By omomohoho | Mo Crypto. Mo Problems. | 10 Nov 2021


Brand new project on HarmonyONE blockchain, Euphoria ($WAGMI) I know!!! what a name! Already knew we're all going to make it! Anyways, this Euphoria is an algorithmic reserve currency protocol that will initially start out as a fork of OHM & Wonderland. It is by no means an “OHM killer” or a direct competitor to it or Wonderland.

Euphoria built by the OG team on HarmonyONE, VenomDAO, the same builder of Viperswap, the OG dex and farm on Harmony Blockchain.

The team intends to combine ViperSwap with Euphoria to attempt to bridge the gap between DeFi 1.0’s liquidity mining mechanisms and DeFi 2.0’s protocol owned liquidity mechanisms.

Concept: If we all work together for the most optimal outcome that’s how We All Gonna Make It. - (🤝, 🤝) or (3,3) means that if we all stake together, we all gonna make it.

Currently, at the time of filming the video, APY of staking $WAGMI is about 9000% APY besides the potential appreciation in value.

In this video, I'm walking you guys (DEFI dummies) through how to set up your metamask, bridge your asset to Harmony ONE blockchain, purchase some $DAI then purchase some $WAGMI and stake it for the juicy APY. Leggooo Defi 2.0

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