DeFi splash at BetFury

DeFi splash at BetFury

By Mister Bonus | Misterbonusinfo | 17 Oct 2020

☀️ SUN is a DeFi meme coin based on Tron blockchain, created and named after it's founder Justin Sun.

This exper imental project is gaining unprecedented momentum and prospects.
🔥 5B TRX have been delegated to the SUN smart contract within first 24 hours of it's existance.

Total Supply: 19.9 mln tokens

BetFury can't be left out! Token SUN enters the platform!
What to do about it?
🔅 Make Deposits & Withdrawals
🔅 Play In-house games
🔅 Min bet: 0.00000001 SUN
🔅 Max bet: 250 SUN (depends on game)
🔅 Get Cashback

⚠️ BFG mining is not available for now
⚠️ Rank and any rating contributions are not available
⚠️ BetFury team decided NOT to accumulate the TRX Dividends pool to, as it's no longer profitable for users at the moment.

What a SUNny day, isn't it?


BetFury Last News : HERE

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