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By Chriss | Miscellaneous articles | 23 Mar 2021

Hello everyone! 


Have you ever heard about NFT?

These famous Non-Fungible Tokens that appear everywhere on the net.

These are Artwork, in the form of

  • Artistic Work
  • Collectible Cards (games, footballers ..)
  • Game Items
  • Game Characters, etc ...

The NFT was initiated on September 27, 2017 by D. Shirley, W. Entriken, J. Evans & N. Sachs. The first NFTs sold are CryptoKitties. 180,000 internet users flocked to this brand new form of finance, and spent close to $20 Million to acquire these little Cats with unique skills and attributes, the most expensive of which was sold for $170,000!


Recently in the news, we've seen records:


  • The first and most famous meme, 'Nyan Cat', from Torres, sold for 300 ETH ($500,000) on February 19th this year
  • The first NFT sold for millions: Beeple's work sold for $6.6 million on February 25
  • Banksy's first Burnt artist painting, 'Morons', turned into an NFT, sold for 228.69 ETH, or $380,000 on the day of the auction (while the painting was bought for $95,000)
  • The very first Tweet, by Jack Dorsey, who had published "just setting up my twttr", at auction with the highest bid being $2.5 Million
  • The first huge record! Beeple, with Christie's, sold a 'collage' of his 5000 works, for $69 million!!, on March 11. It's just incredible 

Art has no limit, art has no border, but have you ever wondered, where does this money go? Once you spend it? Who benefits from it?

Is it just to fill the pockets of the artist? Or is it for a project, a worthy cause?

No one will know.

The NFT market is estimated to be $250 Million in 2020, and maybe more than $1 Billion in 2021.


But why not buy an NFT today to support project creation?

When you buy an NFT, you know that you have an unique, irreplaceable, unfalsifiable object. You are the only and unique owner of the NFT, even its creator has no right on it.


To stay in the world of Cryptocurrencies, of the security of your funds by combining this with NFTs, I found a project that deserves all your attention.

This new form of Bank, a 'Digital currency Bank' (DcB) named Bitcoin Meister also wants to ride the wave and frenzy of NFTs, to find the funding to develop its project.

The project of a Bank that does not manage your funds, that only plays the role of intermediary between you, and the Cryptocurrencies. This DcB (Digital currency Bank) is 100% Custody-free


How does it work?

You just have to register on Bitcoin Meister, (complete the KYC), then you 'order' the Cryptos you want, Bitcoin Meister issues you an invoice, as soon as this is paid, Bitcoin Meister sends you the ordered funds directly to the wallet address you mentioned when ordering.

This high level of security is set to become a standard in the months and years to come. Because how many times have we read in the press, and on the internet about Exchanges that have been hacked and robbed of millions of dollars worth of Cryptos, whereas with Bitcoin Meister, there is no chance of your money being stolen (even if the Exchanges say they store it on Cold Wallet, there is still a % of your funds that are not safe)


So if you really want to protect your funds, start by keeping them with you! - Because the future will be played out between the professionals who are able to bring you this security.


If you believe in this project, (on FundSup) if you also want to secure your cryptos, while keeping 100% control, and at the same time acquire your very first NFT, why not take a look at this gallery?


I remain at your disposal if you have any question

Christophe WILHELM


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