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By Chriss | Miscellaneous articles | 29 Nov 2020

Hello everyone!

Today more than ever we need music

Ever since Man has existed, music has existed too. Studies of caves where Neanderthal Man resided have shown the specific shape of the caves, for the acoustics they provide, so we can deduce that the very first men also played music, while drawing on the walls, or during community councils, or any other occasions.

But also since the dawn of time, the sounds of nature have been assimilated to music (according to certain beliefs and shamanic practices).


Now what about today? (1.8 million years later) 

Nowadays music accompanies us everywhere and at all times:

  • Celebrating birth 
  • Celebrating the loss of a person 
  • Accompanying a union
  • A refuge when a relationship breaks down
  • etc ..

Music has always been used to celebrate Victory as well as Defeat

Music tells us a story, makes us vibrate, makes us experienced emotions, but also makes us travel. Music is also a trace of the history of mankind (melodies, instruments, hymns ...).


In these uncertain days of global pandemic, Music is the only friend we can count on, it will never disappoint us, it will never deceive us, and it will always be faithful to us!

We know that in a large majority of countries around the world have restricted access to musical culture (Shows, concerts, Theme Bars, street concerts ...), so we all feel a void. A void difficult to fill.


So why not take some time for yourself? 

Login/register to Flat.audio (formerly Flat.fm), and choose from a variety of musical atmospheres: 

  • Deep
  • House
  • Chill
  • Drum
  • Progressive
  • Disco
  • Funk ...

Settle down comfortably, in a subdued atmosphere, serve yourself a good glass of your favorite drink (alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation) and enjoy the musical atmosphere that the artists of the platform have to offer you during almost an hour (per mix).



What is Flat.audio?

This Russian radio station appeared online 10 years ago, and today offers a catalog of more than 13 300 Mixes, among 740 artists!

Flat.Audio is on the same level as the big online streaming sites, but what differentiates it from the others is its ability to offer you original mixes, an exceptional quality of work from the artists, and above all! Flat.audio is THE cheapest streaming platform on the market!

In addition to providing quality content for free, you can pay for a premium subscription (which allows you to download your favorite mixes and listen to them wherever you want) for only $1.17 per month! Even cheaper than a coffee. You can deposit funds on your Balance directly on Flat.audio, via Bank Card, Paypal, Webmoney ...



A new feature has just been implemented on Flat.audio, which allows you to 'travel' while choosing your mixes. Flat.audio GEO

While staying at home, meet talented artists in mythical places of :

  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Russia : 
    • Saint Petersburg
    • Moscow
    • Bryansk
    • Kirov
    • Novosibirsk
    • And many others ...



In spite of the dark days announced by the press, great sites and initiatives allow us to escape from all the pressure of daily life!

It's time to think a little bit about yourself, for a moment, and let yourself be carried away by the bewitching melodies that you will discover on Flat.Audio.

Christmas is approaching, relax, take care of yourself, and above all, remember that music is the necessary refuge to escape and travel while staying at home


Good Sunday to all

See you soon 

Christophe WILHELM


This article is my original content, and is posted on several sites, whose original source is read.cash


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